How to Haul Collectible Cars Across the States: Best Advice

How to Haul Collectible Cars Across the States: Best Advice
Published on May 18, 2022 at 12:31 pm GMT

Suppose you want to haul your classic and collectible car across the states for any reason. In that case, you have to ensure that a professional shipping company performs the hauling process. It helps avoid any risks and ensures your car will arrive at its destination undamaged and in the best condition. Considering the basic ins and outs, you can rest assured that your car shipment will go smoothly.

Pick the Best Classic Car Transport Company

Hiring a reliable classic car transport company is not an easy task. There are many aspects to consider before deciding on the perfect choice for your vehicle safety:

  • Professional team specialized in collectible vehicle hauling: you can verify the company’s efficiency through their classic and collectible car transporting track record. You will get an idea whether it is a reliable classic car transport company or not.
  • Insurance: all classic car transport companies should provide insurance proof, including what damage they will cover if anything happens during the transportation and what damage to cover yourself. They make this decision depending on the collectible car’s value.
  • Delivery options: each company has delivery options, such as door-to-door delivery and expedited shipping.
  • Other services: A reliable classic car transport company should offer you the ability to communicate with the carrier and order GPS tracking to check your car location. 

Tip: Tempus Logix is a reliable classic car transport company and an experienced service provider across the states. From shipping boats and luxury yachts to heavy-duty vehicles and collectible cars.

Choose the Best Collectible Car Transport Method

There are two methods used to transport vintage cars from one place to another; it is essential to know the difference between them so you can choose the right type for your vehicle:

  • Open auto transport is the most used method to transport cars, several cars –usually 8 to 10 are secured on an open trailer. Open classic cars’ shipping cost is more economical than enclosed classic cars’ transport. But, road and weather conditions will affect the vehicle. However, the chance for even minor damage is rare, but many classic and collectible car owners don’t prefer to use this type of shipment. Another disadvantage of open trailers is that most of them don’t have a winch for inoperable cars, so it is essential to ask about such details before deciding what transport method to approve.
  • Enclosed auto transport: this method of classic car shipping costs more than the latest, but it adds more protection to collectible vehicles; it carries a few vehicles. Suppose you consider your car investment and are concerned about external elements, e.g., rain and dust. In that case, we recommend going with enclosed classic cars transport to avoid any damage caused by outside debris and bad weather.

Be Aware of Shipping Price Calculations

Remember to choose the appropriate shipping service for your budget. Some companies like Tempus Logix offer instant calculations on their websites. However, there are several aspects to consider for the shipping equation.

  • Transport type: as mentioned before, the transport method affects the classic car shipping cost. Enclosed transport is more expensive because it provides the perfect protection for your car.
  • Vehicle model and state: shipping an operable car is cheaper than moving an inoperable one. The latter requires special tools in addition to loading and unloading your vehicle. 
  • Delivery option: door-to-door transport cost isn’t the same as terminal-to-terminal; you can decide what delivery option to choose depending on your budget.
  • The distance: another factor you have to consider is the distance between point A and point B; the longer the journey, the more it will cost.

Get to Know What Hauling Tools the Company Uses

There are a few things every collectible car owner should know about hauling equipment.

  1. Classic car transport companies have many types of car haulers:
    1. Car hauler: is used to transporting only one car from one place to another, usually within less than 100miles; it’s perfect for inoperable cars. Some of these haulers have chains, and others are equipped with straps to prevent any damage during the shipping process.
    2. 2-3 and 4-6 car haulers: the first option isn’t for long-distance shipment, while regional transporters use 4-6 haulers. Its small size gives the driver a flexible driving ability.
    3. 7-8 and 9-8 car haulers are shipping companies’ most commonly used. The large capacity makes the classic car shipping cost more reasonable for both company and customers. It is also the best choice for long-distance journeys.
  2. Winches and Cables: the most popular items in the shipping industry are winches and cables; it is crucial to check the availability of these tools with your service provider, especially if your car is inoperable.
  3. Straps and Chains: transport service companies use belts and chains to keep all vehicles in place; make sure that your car won’t have any materials in contact with its frame or body.

Double-Check Your Collectible Car Insurance and Pre-Shipping Condition

Even though the shipping companies provide their insurance for your vehicle, this is not enough to ensure the car’s safety; call your insurance company to get more details. Before transporting it, take some pictures or even a video of your vehicle, and write down any significant damage or mechanical issues. Then, after the delivery, check the car carefully and report any new damage if found.

Prepare Your Car for the Trip

Now that you are ready to ship your car, a few more steps are beneficial:

  • Remove any personal and valuable belongings
  • Fully charge the battery
  • Empty the fuel tank for less than ¼
  • Check other liquids levels


People usually invest a considerable amount of money in their collectible vehicles, which makes its transportation process require extra attention and a lot of experience in the field. Classic car owners who want to haul their vehicles must look for reliable classic car transport companies to guarantee the safest shipment possible.

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