Everything About Car Dealership Shipping Services

Everything About Car Dealership Shipping Services
Published on February 7, 2024 at 4:21 pm GMT

Are you thinking about buying a car and having some concerns about the shipping process? Car dealership shipping services are highly reliable since they coordinate the whole operation with an auto transport company, so the car owner won’t have to do anything regarding the vehicle transportation.

What is a car dealership?

It is a business that employs automobile sales staff to sell vehicles at the retail level, they sell new or used cars, but some dealerships do sell both. They arrange lines of credit with the automaker and use them to buy the vehicles they want; later on, dealerships will pay these lines of credit. In addition to that, they may also offer other services, including car maintenance and selling spare automobile parts.

Car dealerships can deliver the purchased vehicle to the buyer no matter where the buyer is across the United States. However, this service isn’t charge-free; all car dealership shipping services impose a fee to deliver the car.

How does the car dealership shipping process work?

It is essential to know that dealerships don’t own any carriers, which means they don’t provide the transportation service themselves. Instead, they collaborate with a trustworthy auto transport company to get the job done.

Choosing a car shipping company

This step is the most difficult to complete because the number of auto transport companies is relatively large. Dealerships entrust the selected company with their new cars. Thus, it is essential to think carefully before deciding what company to hire.

A trustworthy transport company must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and has an MC number as proof of success in the registration process.

Selecting the suitable shipping method

Auto transport companies offer two primary transport services based on customers’ needs; open transport is a good choice for shipping almost all sorts of vehicles since it’s easy to book and doesn’t cost much, while enclosed shipping is more expensive and appropriate to transport valuable classic cars and brand-new luxury vehicles.

Usually, car dealerships consult the buyers about their preferences because the transportation price differs. However, sometimes the shipping cost will be included in the car’s price, and the dealership will decide on the shipping method.

Schedule the delivery date

Car dealerships must coordinate the delivery date with the buyer. Car transportation might take days depending on various factors like the vehicle itself, the carrier, and the weather.

How much does the car dealership shipping service cost?

The shipping cost can be affected by several factors, such as:

Travel distance

Short-distance transportation costs less than long-distance since the further the delivery point is from the pickup location, the more the shipping company has to pay for the driver, fuel, and truck usage.

The vehicle weight

Shipping trucks and trailers have a weight limitation that they can’t exceed. Heavy vehicles cost extra money to ship since they reduce the trailer’s capacity to load more cars. Moreover, heavy loads consume more fuel, which will increase the cost.

Shipping method

Auto transport companies have two types of transport trucks, open trailers and enclosed trailers. Enclosed transport is more expensive because it provides complete protection from all external elements that may cause some damage to the shipped vehicles. It is also the only solution to transport low ground clearance cars. 

Market demand

Shipping prices will increase during holidays and high-demand seasons when people tend to move and when they get back to their states. The cost is also affected by the weather condition; transporting in rough weather can cause a few problems, it may result in closing some roads forcing truck drivers to change their driving plans or slow down and be extra careful on the road.

Delivery time

The company’s ability to coordinate pickups and deliveries significantly impacts the shipping cost; usually, it takes several days to complete the whole shipping operation. However, some customers may be in a hurry to get their cars sooner. Car Dealership Shipping service can book a quick delivery for an extra fee.

Why use a Car Dealership Shipping service instead of driving the car?

  • It will help save effort and time: the first advantage of shipping cars is the effort the owner will save; without a doubt, driving for long distances isn’t easy for people who aren’t used to this kind of stuff. Furthermore, traveling in the car may take a few days, and weather conditions can vary during the journey, which may cause some huge problems, especially if the driver gets stuck on the road because of bad weather.  
  • Avoid harming the vehicle: A car dealership shipping service can help eliminate wheel wear risks and all other damages that could happen during the journey, especially if there is a long distance; it will also prevent adding unnecessary miles on brand new cars.


When buying a car from a dealership, it is highly recommended to ask for a shipping service; car dealerships often work with trusted transport companies. These companies aim to guarantee a safe trip for all shipped vehicles.

Tempus Logix is a reliable auto transport company with a vast network of 25,000+ shipping service providers and carriers across the US. The company offers to ship all types of vehicles, from valuable collectibles to heavy-duty machinery.

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