Long Distance Auto Shipping: How to Prepare Your Car?

Long Distance Auto Shipping: How to Prepare Your Car?
Published on April 7, 2023

Shipping a car over a long distance can be daunting, especially for those who have never done it before. Whether relocating or purchasing a car online, transporting a vehicle across the country requires some preparations and arrangements to ensure a smooth process. 

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on preparing a vehicle for long-distance shipping. From finding the right auto transport company to properly cleaning and inspecting the car, we will cover everything needed to ensure the vehicle arrives at its destination safely and securely.

Hire the right auto-shipping company

To ensure a smooth and stress-free auto transportation experience, choosing a dependable company with a proven track record of safe delivery and exceptional customer service is important. When planning to transport a vehicle over long distances, opting for a company that offers 24/7 support services is a better option for getting continuous updates.

However, it’s worth noting that not all auto transport companies offer the specific car-hauling services the customer may need. Some may have limited shipping trailers, while others only operate within specific regions. To avoid wasting time and effort, it’s advisable to assess the car shipping needs and carefully research the services provided by a company before making a final decision.

Decide on the type of shipment

Auto transport companies typically offer two types of auto hauling, open auto transport, and enclosed auto transport. Regarding long distance auto shipping, each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Open carrier guarantees economical car hauling, yet the vehicle would be exposed to several external elements and road debris. However, chances of damage are fairly slight, and most people go for open auto shipping. On the other hand, enclosed carriers provide additional safety and protection for vehicles during shipment but are more expensive. This type of auto transport is generally recommended for exotic and expensive vehicles.

Tempus Logix provides both auto transport options: open and enclosed. The company offers to ship all types of vehicles across the United States, from motorcycles to heavy-duty equipment. Since operating eight years ago, Tempus Logix has moved over 45,000 vehicles nationwide for short and long distances.

Book for car shipping in advance

Car owners who plan to move their vehicles over long distances should anticipate that the transportation process will take a significant amount of time. Given the long journey involved, waiting until the last minute to book a shipment is unwise. Instead, scheduling car hauling services in advance can help car owners avoid availability issues, secure better pricing, and facilitate expedited auto shipping.

Preparing a car for long-distance transport

After obtaining the required information for proper auto hauling, follow these tips on preparing a car for shipping before handing it to the carrier driver.

Wash the car

First, give the car a good wash from the inside and outside. It would help to detect any scratches, dings, discolorations, and other imperfections the car might have before shipping. By doing so, clients can easily spot any new damages that might have occurred during the transportation.

Remove items and accessories

While cleaning the car, remove all personal items, valuables, and important papers to keep them from being lost during shipment. Remove spare change, air fresheners, electronics, and supporting cables or chargers. Additionally, detach accessories that will make the car loading and unloading difficult or result in any damage. Remember that auto shipping insurance doesn’t cover these items in case they are damaged, stolen, or lost.

Perform a maintenance check

Maintenance is an integral part of the auto-hauling preparation procedure. It is vital to check the vehicle’s condition, such as tire pressure, leaks, and battery. All should be in proper condition, and if the car has any issues, try to fix them before the pick-up date. In addition, if servicing needs more time, inform the auto shipping company about it so they can make the proper shipping arrangements.

Fuel it properly

Cars loaded on the back of a shipping trailer must not be heavy, so it makes sense not to fuel them above the required limit. Fill the gas tank only to a quarter or half, which is enough gasoline to load and unload the vehicle.

Disable alarms

Nothing gets on one’s nerves like having an alarm going off throughout the transport journey. Activated alarm systems can be very annoying to carrier drivers. They might contribute to mishaps or accidents since the driver won’t be able to concentrate on the driving task at hand. So, disable any alarm systems and remove toll tags and parking passes to avoid unnecessary charges.

In conclusion, shipping a car over long distances is a challenging experience, but with the right planning and preparation, it can be a hassle-free process. Following the tips and guidelines in this article, car owners can ensure that their vehicles are properly prepared for shipping and arrive at their destination safely and securely. From finding the right auto transport company to cleaning and inspecting the car before shipping, various steps can be taken to ensure a successful car hauling experience.

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