The Benefits of Insured Auto Shipping Company

The Benefits of Insured Auto Shipping Company
Published on November 15, 2023

When relocating to a new city or state, transporting a vehicle can be a complex and stressful process. It is essential to ensure the vehicle is safe when entrusting it to someone else. That’s where a reliable and insured auto shipping company comes in handy. They can guarantee the vehicle’s safety and give car owners peace of mind, knowing their valuable assets are secure.

This article covers why hiring an insured auto shipping company is crucial.

What is an Insured Auto Shipping Company?

An insured auto shipping company is a company that transports vehicles while also providing insurance protection to guard against any damage that may occur while being transported. These businesses specialize in moving vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and boats, from one place to another.

The insurance protection offered by an insured auto shipping company ensures that the vehicle’s owner is financially protected in case of certain losses or damages to the vehicle during transit.

How Does Insurance Work for Auto Shipping?

The following are the most frequent types of insurance that auto shipping businesses provide to their clients:

Primary Insurance

Liability and collision insurance are the two main types of primary insurance that numerous auto shipping companies offer. Federal law requires liability insurance, which protects the vehicle owner and the auto shipping company from third-party claims resulting from vehicle transportation. It pays for any damage or losses the vehicle may cause to other vehicles or property during transportation. Contrarily, collision insurance pays for damage to the vehicle brought on by an accident while being transported.

Gap Insurance

Vehicles with outstanding loans are financially protected by gap insurance in case of a total loss. It fills the gap between the insurance settlement and the outstanding balance of the car loan or lease.

Comprehensive Insurance (Optional)

Several auto shipping companies offer the option of full coverage or comprehensive insurance, which is typically more expensive than primary insurance. It offers complete insurance protection for the car while it’s being transported.

How to submit a claim?

The vehicle owner is responsible for filing a claim with the auto shipping company’s insurance provider if the vehicle suffers damage or losses while being transported, together with evidence of the damage and records of the vehicle’s state both before and after transportation. According to the auto shipping company insurance, the insurance company will look into the claim and decide how much compensation should be given to the vehicle owner.

Benefits of Using an Insured Auto Shipping Company

Using an insured auto shipping company has various advantages, such as:

Protection for Vehicles

During vehicle transportation, an insured auto shipping company protects the vehicle by covering it for any loss or damage that may occur. If the vehicle is stolen or destroyed, the owner will receive compensation, ensuring protection and financial security. However, it is essential to note that the coverage level offered by different auto shipping companies can vary.

Peace of Mind

Using an insured auto shipping company lets vehicle owners feel more at ease and experience less stress and worry, knowing that their vehicle is safeguarded and insured during transportation.

Professionalism and Expertise

Insured auto shipping companies are qualified and experienced businesses with expertise in the challenges of automobile transportation. This ensures that the vehicle will be transported with care and professionalism, arriving at its destination similarly to when it was picked up. Although no one can predict what might happen on the road, insured auto transport companies have a higher chance of safe delivery.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Insured auto shipping companies must adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that the vehicle is transported safely and securely per established guidelines. This provides an additional layer of security for the vehicle during transit.

How to Choose an Insured Auto Shipping Company?

It can be difficult to choose the best-insured auto shipping company, but the following considerations can help:

Evaluating Insurance Coverage

Check the terms and conditions of an auto shipping company’s insurance coverage before hiring them. Choose a company with low deductibles and adequate coverage for vehicles.

Company Reputation and Performance

Review internet reviews and ratings by examining the company’s reputation and performance history. Choose a business that has a strong reputation and a lot of good client feedback.

Viewing Testimonials and Feedback from Clients

Car owners may get a good sense of the company’s operations by reading reviews and comments from previous clients. Search for businesses that have received favorable reviews and are attentive to the needs of their clients.


Ensuring the safety of a vehicle during transportation requires partnering with an insured company. Before finalizing a provider, it is crucial to thoroughly research their insurance policies and limits, evaluate their reputation and history, and analyze feedback from past customers. The reassurance that the auto shipping company will handle the vehicle carefully during the transportation is a significant relief, and choosing the right one can provide that peace of mind.

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