Choosing the Right SUV Shipping Service Provider

Choosing the Right SUV Shipping Service Provider
Published on September 29, 2023 at 4:09 pm GMT

SUVs, or Sports Utility Vehicles, are a type of vehicle that combines the characteristics of both passenger cars and off-road vehicles. They typically have a high ground clearance, a strong chassis, and four-wheel drive capabilities, which make them suitable for driving on rough terrains and in adverse weather conditions.

Over the last 20 years, SUVs have gained great popularity among consumers due to their versatility, spacious interiors, and perceived safety benefits. Many SUV models have advanced safety features, such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and multiple airbags, which have helped improve their safety ratings and appeal to families and individuals alike.

Therefore, shipping an SUV requires more planning and preparation than shipping regular cars since they are more expensive and require special handling. This article will briefly showcase SUVs’ different models and provide tips for choosing the right auto shipping company.

SUV Models and Uses

SUVs are available in various shapes and sizes and cater to different needs. However, most SUVs share several common features, such as having taller, wider, and longer dimensions and a heavier weight than regular vehicles. They offer superior practicality and spaciousness and provide extra ground clearance and a higher ride height. Nonetheless, due to their larger size and heavier weight, SUVs are less fuel-efficient, resulting in higher fuel costs and taxes.

Models of SUVs

There are numerous models of SUVs in the United States:

  • Subcompact SUVs: Similar to regular or sedan cars, but larger, heavier, and come in special dimensions.
  • Compact SUVs: These are bigger than compact SUVs but are more cost-effective than larger models.
  • Mid-size SUVs: These are the most common type of SUVs and are used by most people. The added size and weight of mid-size SUVs make them a good option for people considering a practical family car.
  • Full-size SUVs: They have the biggest shape and dimensions and are also the most expensive.

Uses of SUVs

SUVs provide extra room for hauling additional cargo. The extra space makes owning a vehicle like this ideal for weekend trips since they provide cargo space while still fitting up to seven people. Furthermore, its special features, such as sitting higher off the ground and having four-wheel driving, allow for adventurous off-road drives. These make SUVs a popular and preferred option for most people.

Selecting the Right Auto Shipping Company for SUVs

Given the value, features, and advantages of SUVs, owners of such valuable cars will prefer selecting an auto shipping company capable of providing convenient services and safe delivery while meeting the following standards:

Providing High-Quality Services

Shipping SUVs requires professionalism and special care. The auto shipping company transporting an SUV should be able to provide quality services that cater to different SUV types and varying shipping needs.

For example, most SUVs require a more efficient method of shipment, namely enclosed auto shipping. Enclosed carriers can provide optimal safety for SUVs during transport and protect them from the elements, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and other serious external dangers.

Offering Competitive Shipping Prices

Shipping an SUV could be costly, whether large or compact, since it takes up more space on the carrier or adds extra weight, preventing it from hauling another car even if there is an empty spot.

However, SUV owners can ship their large cars without breaking the bank. For instance, researching several auto shipping companies, requesting different quotes, and selecting the company with a professional reputation and competitive prices.

The growing number of auto shipping companies fuels the competition. So, car owners might encounter several reliable and reputable auto shippers offering competitive shipping quotes and discounts. Tempus Logix is a professional, well-reputed, and knowledgeable auto transport company with over eight years of experience shipping all vehicle types.

The company has successfully shipped over 45,000 vehicles, providing top-notch services at competitive prices. Online visitors can use the online calculator implemented on Tempus Logix’s website to obtain an accurate, instant, free-of-charge shipping quote.

Providing Adequate Insurance Coverage

SUVs are often valued more than other vehicles due to their additional features. This means that the insurance coverage provided by the carrier may not be sufficient to cover the full value of the SUV. In case of an accident or damage during transportation, the vehicle owner may not receive the full amount of compensation required to repair or replace their SUV.

Therefore, vehicle owners have two options: search for another auto shipper offering higher insurance coverage or purchase additional coverage from the current shipper. Regardless, SUVs must be fully protected during transport.

Verifying the Company’s Track Record in Handling SUVs

It goes without saying that the right auto shipping company for shipping SUVs should have previous experience and a track record in properly and professionally handling SUVs’ transportation.

With relevant experience in SUVs shipping, auto transport companies can provide the required equipment and carry out the shipping procedures safely and reliably.

In conclusion, SUVs come in various types and styles. While shipping requirements vary, all SUVs require special handling and high-quality auto-transport services. To choose the right auto transport company for shipping an SUV, ensure the company offers quality shipping services, competitive prices, adequate insurance coverage, and a track record of safely handling SUVs.

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