Buying a New Car, Inspecting, and Shipping it

Buying a New Car, Inspecting, and Shipping it
Published on October 25, 2023

Car buying methods have evolved a lot in the past few years; thanks to the internet, more and more choices are available, and the buying process has become more accessible. However, purchasing a new vehicle shouldn’t be random; a buyer must research and plan the process to get the best deals.

How do you plan to for buying a new car?

  • Budget: the first step when deciding to purchase a new car is to set the budget. People should consider how much money they are willing to pay depending on their annual income to ensure they won’t financially suffer while paying the installments and the potential bank’s interest rate.
  • Usage: the second step is to note the reasons for purchasing a new car. It helps a lot when choosing the suitable one. For example, does it have to be a family car? Or is it to get a new model because the current one is pretty old?

Answering the question, “why do I need to buy a new car?” People can quickly narrow down their choices to only a few models that fit their needs.  

  • Research: after deciding what type of car is the best fit, it is time to research online and read customer reviews; it helps check if the vehicle is worth the money. Another advantage is being able to compare multiple car models instantly and figure out which one works the best according to the buyer’s needs.

Dealership: another advantage of online research is accessing car-selling websites. Therefore, buyers can compare and choose the best seller to deal with without pressure.

Sometimes dealerships can help to find a good deal; it is worth mentioning that car dealerships have been in the market for a long time, so they have great experience people might need.

 How do you inspect the new car?

Inspecting the new car before buying it is essential; both brand new and used cars must be checked carefully by doing the following:

  • Ensure the documents are appropriate: car sellers must provide vehicle registration and insurance documents proving their ownership.  
  • Examine all the car parts closely: when buying a used car, ask the seller for details, take a look at the car mileage, and inspect the vehicle’s body in the daylight to notice any existing scratches or minor imperfections. Moreover, ask for a mechanic’s help to check the fluid levels, the engine, battery, tires, and other operational parts.
  • Bring a friend for a second thought: It is better to bring a friend to double-check everything and get a non-biased opinion. Emotional attachment to one’s dream car might lead some individuals to misjudge its actual performance.

How to transport the new car?

After deciding what car to buy and where to get it, it is time to transport the vehicle to its new home. There are two choices available; people have to drive their new vehicle home, which is not recommended, especially if the car is brand new. Or they have to hire an auto transport company; remember that car dealerships don’t own any transporting truck trailers, so they will also arrange the shipment with the help of a transport provider.

Choosing an auto transport company

There are so many things to keep in mind when choosing an auto transport company; here are the top three:

  • The company must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) with an authorized MC number to operate legally
  • They must have a team of experts and all necessary equipment to complete the transportation process safely
  • Visit their website, look for their track record, and read customer reviews about the service to ensure the company is trustworthy

Tempus Logix, an auto transport company, has a track record of shipping over 30,000 vehicles. The company offers to transport cars all over the states affordably and safely.

Decide what shipping method is the best for the car

There are two main transportation options to choose from: open and enclosed auto transport; both are suitable for moving a vehicle from one place to another. However, open trailers don’t provide full protection for the shipped cars. Experts recommend using enclosed trailers for transporting a brand new and expensive car.

Another critical point is that open carriers can’t transport low-ground clearance vehicles because only enclosed carriers are provided with a hydraulic lift to load the cars on the trailer safely. 

Whether the transportation requires an open trailer or an enclosed one, Tempus Logix can offer the best deals and monitor the process from early preparations to post-delivery.

How much does it cost to ship the car?

The cost isn’t the same for all shipping orders since many factors affect it. For example:

  • The transport method
  • The car model and size
  • The travel distance
  • Pick-up and drop-off dates

Many car shipping companies offer online calculators to estimate the costs. Utilize the online cost calculator Tempus Logix offers or contact an agent to get an instant quote based on your requirements.


Buying a new car is always followed by an inspection and delivery. Therefore, prepare to go through the process if you’re looking for a good deal and want your car to arrive home safely and cost-efficiently.

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