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Boat | Yacht Transport

You have a boat and you need to transport it?
You are on the right way.
Tempus Logix is offering boat transportation services nationwide.
We have rich transportation experience of big houseboats, yachts, expensive sailboats and small motor boats as well, and it doesn’t matter if they are on a trailer or not.
We are working with several drivers that have huge experience in boat hauling business with their own trailers and also have a lot of drivers that have power units and will take care of the transportation of your boat.
Are you worried about security of the transportation and the insurance?
Our driver will secure it with his own equipment for the safe transportation and we will take care for the insurance to fully cover your stuff.
Just contact us by the phone number or e-Mail address, provide us some details about the shipment and you will get an estimate for your boat transportation.
You can see below the photos of the boats we transported before.

Also, check out some detailed pictures how our drivers usually secure the boats.