Car Relocation Services

The need for relocating your car to some new destination may emerge almost anytime. Understandably, the idea of driving long miles may be discouraging, especially if you are not well aware of the new place where you move.

Fortunately, nowadays, there exist car shipping services offering comprehensive quality and convenience. By mixing professionalism and the delicate approach to our customer needs, our premium auto relocation services work ideal for both individuals and corporate entities who plan to move their vehicles from state to state. We always take the utmost care and the necessary consideration when implementing professional auto transportation.

Distance is not a problem for us. We will transport your vehicle without causing any problems and complications in a timely manner.

Move Your Car with the Best Mover

Scenarios such as moving to another state for a job, or joining your friend living far, or any other motive for moving may apply to your life at some point. If you intend to take your car with you, but at the same time, you want to abstain from driving it on your own, Tempus Logix can assist you with relocating your car in the most efficient way possible.

For your peace of mind, you are free to easily track your auto shipping order at any point during the process of the implementation phase. Besides, if you have any queries referring to the scheduling and billing or auto transportation paperwork, our move professionals are always ready to guide you from start to finish. Our move specialists may also help you understand your pickup and the right delivery options to choose for your vehicle relocation, depending on your case and the corresponding needs.

car relocation transport tips

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping: Tips for Car Relocation

You can take steps to prepare your vehicle for the pickup. In other words, getting your motor vehicle ready for shipment does not merely suppose choosing a transport company with a highly trustworthy portfolio.

It is important to prepare your vehicle for the shipping process if you want it to be delivered as expected. 

Here are several tips forming an integral part of the preparation process for car relocation:

Wash your car. Clean the outside and inside

When the inside and outside of the car are free of dirt and dust, even the minor damage can be better noticeable once it arrives at its destination. So make sure to handover and accept a clean vehicle.

Disable the alarm.

Why? For safety measures, it is always reasonable if the carrier focuses mainly on the road. However, a non-disabled alarm can cause unnecessary distractions, and it may expose the truck to the danger of accidents.

Don’t gas up.

If you do not want to add additional weight and risk to your shipment, then the gas up is not a good idea for your case.

Check tire pressure.

Check the pressure of tires to be sure that the pressure is neither too high nor too low. By having your tires duly inflated, you decrease the risk of any possible damage to the tire.

Remove custom accessories

Make sure to remove all the custom parts or accessories before the vehicle is loaded onto the truck to avoid breaking during transit due to their odd size.

If you want to transport your vehicle from A point to B point without any damages, then we will help you!