Express Car Shipping

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.

As one of the most preferred transport options, express car shipping will help you save time when getting the vehicle. Tempus Logix provides the quickest door-to-door automobile transport method without a detriment to the quality of the service. Through a 48-hour service format, our transporter can pick up your vehicle within 48 hours of your vehicle transport order, and your car will be on the fastest route to the final destination. The high reliability of our quick service will make you have a positive car shipping experience. The express shipment over the standard one will enroll your order at the top of our priority list to get your fast auto shipping moving.

Whether you need your car delivery to happen on an exact date or just as soon as practicably possible, your best choice may lie on the express delivery option. Seasonal demands may sometimes affect the availability of an express car shipping method, but once your coordinator confirms its availability, you may rely on our accuracy in delivery terms.

Delivery Costs for Fast Auto Transport 

Express shipping happens in the narrowest timeframe, and there is no fuzzy math here.

Express service usually adds 30% to the standard delivery cost. It may also depend on several factors. One of those factors is whether you choose to ship your vehicle on an open trailer (open car transport ) or enclosed one (enclosed car transport). Other factors are the vehicle type you are interested in transporting and the distance between the pick-up and delivery points. Costs may also be affected if you have some unique constraints about the delivery process of your vehicle. However, we do our best to ensure the best competitive prices for you without any additional cost demands. Whether you are a car dealer, online buyer or seller, or just making a single move, you will be satisfied with the flexibility of our service. Tempus Logix puts a great deal of planning and coordination into every order to make your car delivery run smooth, safe, and quick. Thus, we assign a competent coordinator who is professionally capable of answering all your questions and coordinate delivery details.