The Most Dangerous Highways in the US to Avoid

The Most Dangerous Highways in the US to Avoid
Published on September 24, 2022 at 2:23 pm GMT

The United States is home to many roads and highways. Some are narrow; others are wide; some are stretching others are short. And to be honest, driving on the US roads isn’t easy nor safe, as dangerous roads and turns are many, and the risks imposed on drivers’ lives every day are significant. That’s exactly why drivers all around the nation should have a clear idea about the most dangerous highways in the US to avoid or be careful of.

So, here, readers will find listed the top risky highways in the US, as well as some tips to guarantee a safe and secure drive.

Interstate 26, South Carolina

The charming attractions of the Appalachian Mountains alongside this highway may encourage many drivers to take risks and enjoy the ride. However, this highway, stretching from Kingsport to South Carolina, is among the most dangerous highways in the US. According to Accident Data Center, around 21 people died on Interstate 26 in the last three years.

And that’s attributed to the poor lighting at night and the winding turns. So, a car’s headlight, no matter how powerful, won’t be able to illuminate the road in front of it.

Highway 550, Colorado

This highway, also known as the Million Dollar highway, which runs through Colorado, is one of the top poorly maintained and most dangerous highways in the US, as it lacks guard rails and has many narrow and rough turns.

Even though risky all year round, the Million Dollar highway gets more dangerous in snowy weather, and the possibility of avalanches increases dramatically. The scenery is a great plus to this highway, as it penetrates and twists its way through the Rocky Mountains of Southwestern Colorado, boasting heavenly attractions. But it’s definitely not worth it; the drive is risky, and the danger is real and unavoidable.

Highway 2, Montana

Sparse traffic, endless curves, and, most importantly, isolated locations have made Highway 2, Montana, on the top list of dangerous roads in the US. This highway gets frighteningly slippery in winter, with heavy snow and high frost levels.

What makes the accident on this road fatal isn’t the road curves, nor the sharp turns, but the distant location from any kind of medical assistance, as the average ambulance response time is 80 minutes.

California State Route 138

California State Route 138, also nicknamed the Blood Ally, Death Road, and Highway of Death, is another dangerous stretch of road. This highway is insufficiently lit, known for its sharp S-turns and steep mountain landscapes.

This dangerous road’s bad reputation is attributed to an unfortunate accident that resulted in 56 deaths and around 875 injuries many years before. The government has taken care of this highway by installing some guard rails and sufficient lights. However, fatal accidents are still constantly happening, and passing this dangerous highway is still not recommended.

Safety Precautions for Driving on the Most Dangerous Highways in the US

Wearing the seat belt

Studies have revealed that seat belts reduce fatal accidents by 45%. So, buckling the seat belt is the first safety precaution to prevent serious car accidents. A seat belt maintains the driver in place in case of an impact, restrains the body’s strongest parts, and protects the brain and spinal cord. 

Not using the phone

Statistics have shown that cell phones cause around 70,000 crushes year-round on United States roads. And this isn’t a small number; this massive number doesn’t include only PDO crashes; rather, it involves injury and fatal ones.

Using a mobile phone while driving, whether it’s texting, taking a call, or checking a notification, will distract the driver from the road and slow their reaction time. And there’s no need to say that a distraction for a fraction of a second while driving a car results in the most severe accidents.

Hire an auto transport company

Drivers aren’t compelled to expose themselves and their cars to danger while driving from one state to another, as there’s always a safest and more flexible option. Car owners can save themselves from the stress of driving on these grave roads by hiring someone to do the job for them.

By hiring an car shipping company, a team of professional and seasoned drivers will haul the shipped car on a trailer’s back and deliver it to the required destination fast and stress-free.

Sometimes, shipped vehicles might take longer time than anticipated, and the reason for that is the auto transport company’s will to take a safe route or drive safely and slowly through a dangerous one; after all, it’s all for the safety of the drivers, others on the road, and of course, the client’s vehicle.

Driving on highways requires special skill and extensive experience, as an unreliable company will not only expose the shipped car to danger but will take ages to deliver it. On the other hand, a reputable auto transport company, like Tempus Logix, has a team of skillful drivers with long years of experience, many successful strategies, and knows the routes like the back of their hands. All that will qualify it to complete its transport job safely and punctually.

Read also How to Choose a Car Shipping Company.

The Bottom Line

Dangerous highways in the US are many, and one might be compelled to drive on one of them at some point. However, when there’s an alternative solution, drivers must go for it and never put their lives on the line. Hiring an auto transport company is rational when traveling long distances on the interstate.

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