How to Evaluate Auto Transport Companies to Choose One

How to Evaluate Auto Transport Companies to Choose One
Published on August 15, 2022

The automotive transportation industry is so competitive that finding a good service provider is much more complex than one might imagine. Evaluating auto transport companies is essential to finding a trustworthy and qualified one.

Fortunately, people can rely on a few factors to evaluate auto transport companies. However, a considerable amount of research is needed, so car owners must be prepared to spend a significant time comparing different companies to choose the best.

The Company’s License Status

Checking the licensing information is an essential step in evaluating auto transport companies before booking their services:

  1. It is illegal to work with unlicensed companies
  2. Checking the legal information will help to know precisely what license the car transport company has
  3. To ensure the auto transport company follows the safety and insurance regulations set by the FMCSA

To verify the company’s legal situation, look for their USDOT and MC numbers on their website. Check the MC number on the FMCSA website, and don’t trust companies with “not authorized” results.

Insurance Coverage

Cars are very cherished by their owners, and they want to keep them protected while in transit. A car carrier’s insurance policy usually covers damages when the vehicle is loaded, while the vehicle is in transit, and when the car is unloaded.

As for other damages caused by poor pre-charging condition of the vehicle, fluid leakage, and loose items, the company will not take any responsibility for it.

Moreover, to evaluate auto transport companies, it is always a good idea to check whether or not the company has liability insurance and get all the insurance coverage details to guarantee the shipped car’s safety.

The Company’s Reputation in the Industry

Research the potential auto transport company. A successful carrier will have a good reputation among auto shipping experts, customers, and even their competitors in the industry.

The research will provide car owners with all the crucial details about the history of the carrier’s operations, what qualifications they have, and what others think about their services.

Many websites specialize in reviewing the performance of auto transport companies. Moreover, the companies often provide a dedicated section on their websites for customers to share their feedback about the service. 

Tempus Logix is an auto transport company with long years of experience transporting all types of vehicles across the United States. The company showcases customer feedback on its website from Facebook, Google Reviews, and BBB. In addition to comments, clients have left on the company’s website directly. Over 1000 online reviews from satisfied clients set Tempus Logix apart from competitors.

Carrier Options and professional workers

Another important factor in evaluating auto transport companies is researching the available trailers. In general, there are two shipping options, open car transport, in which the shipped vehicles will be loaded on open carriers with no sides, so the cars will be exposed to external factors, and enclosed car transport, which provides utmost protection.

A reliable company must have enough carriers with different capacities to transport all types of vehicles efficiently and cover all their operable areas making their shipping services available all the time. Moreover, qualified and knowledgeable employees are a huge competitive advantage because they will be in direct contact with clients. 

Car Shipping Cost

Cost is a critical evaluating element for everyone, but going for the cheapest service provider is the last thing one might want to do. Car shipping is a complicated process that requires careful planning. It can’t be offered for a low price making too-good-to-be-true deals very suspicious. Therefore, it is inaccurate to evaluate auto transport companies based solely on the cost. 

But to get an insight into the vehicle transportation costs, you can use the car shipping cost estimator. It’s a free calculator that estimates prices depending on the shipping details entered by car owners, such as vehicle size, pickup, and drop-off locations during the shipping season. 

Tracking System

Most car owners get increasingly worried about their car’s trip, where it is, the estimated time for its arrival, and what the driver encounters throughout the journey. Many auto transport companies provide a GPS service so clients can keep up with all the updates concerning the shipment. On the other hand, many companies don’t have this advanced service; instead, they provide clients with the carrier driver’s number to stay up-to-date.

Cancellation Policy

Auto transport companies understand car owners may have to cancel their reservations for several reasons. Therefore, checking if the company has a proper cancellation policy is essential.

The policy must include a specific method to submit the cancellation request and a free-of-charge cancellation period. It should also determine how much the customers have to pay, if any, and the refund duration. 


With many auto transport companies in the market, finding a reliable one is challenging. However, car owners can evaluate auto transport companies to choose a suitable service provider based on the above factors.

Take your time when looking for a trustworthy auto transport company, and don’t rush to make decisions based on prices only. Although pricing is very important, it’s not the only factor to consider.

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