Everything You Need to Know About Boat Transport Companies

Everything You Need to Know About Boat Transport Companies
Published on May 27, 2022 at 2:01 pm GMT

Sailing is exciting, but boat transportation is not. There are a lot of times when boat owners need to transport their boats to a different port or a storage facility to keep them safe till the next sailing season.

However, thanks to boat transport companies, the process is no longer complicated, especially if you fully understand everything that has to do with it. This article will introduce boat transportation, its advantages, and some practical tips for choosing the best boat transport company.

Boat Transport Methods

Whatever the reason to transport your boat, deciding the transportation method depends on your boat size and transport requirements:

Transport the boat using its trailer

Although you can do it yourself if you have a boat-motor-trailer and a suitable vehicle to haul the load, we don’t recommend this option unless you have excellent experience shipping boats because it’s not as easy. 

Sail the boat to the new port

Sailing the boat is also an option. It actually depends on the destination and whether or not it can be reached by sailing. However, you can consider hiring a professional sailor if you’re unsure about doing it yourself.

Hire a boat transport company

Hiring the services of a boat transport company is a good option in many circumstances. Auto transport companies have the required trailers, equipment, and experience in handling such shipments.

What is a boat transport company?

Boat transport companies are responsible for transporting boats by hauling them overland. These companies have their trailers, professional drivers, and dedicated expert staff for loading and unloading processes, including picking up the boat and taking all the safety measures to deliver the boat on time. Usually, boat transport companies are familiar with available routes and knowledgeable of all boat transport regulations.

Why get a boat transport company?

Boats are often categorized as large cargo, which requires an expert to transport across the states. Although it might seem simple, the process embodies various difficulties and concerns that must be addressed for a safe and legal transport.

Auto transport companies have the knowledge, equipment, and skills in large cargo transportation and can handle it better than inexperienced individuals.

Following are the advantages of a boat transport company:


Boat transportation requires preparing essential documentation about safety measures and insurance policies. Besides that, special tools shall be utilized to firmly hold the boat’s position on the trailer and ensure nothing could go wrong during transportation.


A boat transport company will relieve you from the burden of transportation. Choose the right service provider, and they will handle everything, from loading the boat on a suitable trailer to unloading the boat at your preferred destination. They will take the necessary precautions to ensure a smooth process from A to Z.


Auto transport companies provide insurance policies to cover unanticipated events through the boat transport process. However, it’s important to check the insurance policy yourself and confirm what it covers and what it doesn’t cover.


Transporting a boat requires renting a boat trailer if you don’t have one, fuel, a truck that can haul the boatload, and sometimes additional taxes and fees. Meanwhile, an auto transport company could offer an affordable solution.

Tempus Logix offers a boat shipping cost calculator that can calculate the cost in a matter of seconds.

How to choose a boat transport company?

Avoid trouble by choosing a good service provider to transport your boat. Here are the fundamental criteria to consider when selecting a boat transport company:

Legal authorization

Reputable companies must be legally authorized and licensed to handle similar shipments. Usually, such documentation can be found at the bottom of the company’s website. If you can’t find it, you can ask for it straightforwardly.

Boat transport company experience

Experience sets companies apart. Look for a company with a proven record of success in boat transportation. When you talk to them, ask the following questions to verify their skills.

  1. How long has the company been in the industry?
  2. How many boats has the company transported?
  3. Have they ever transported a boat like yours?

Insurance policy

Handling such a valuable vehicle requires having a good insurance policy. Despite hiring a professional company, never underestimate the importance of a firm insurance policy. No one knows what might happen unintentionally during the transportation. Check the procedure yourself, and negotiate the terms if you think something is not as good.

Outstanding Communication

Customer support plays a vital role in boat transportation, from answering questions to regular updates about the shipping progress. Choose a company with a responsive and reliable customer support team. Check their website and find out what channels they offer in this regard, online chat, phone calls, emails, etc.

Customer reviews

Evaluate the company’s services by checking customer reviews online. Nowadays, you can find reviews easily with a single click. Moreover, you can try contacting some of them and directly ask about their experience with the company.


Auto transport companies are usually available for boat transportation. Check all the details about the company to ensure you’re hiring the right service provider to transport your beloved boat.

Tempus Logix is an experienced auto transport company with years of experience, and over 30,000 delivered vehicles across the United States. The company ships all vehicles regardless of their shape or weight. Heavy-duty vehicles, cars, classic cars, sports cars, boats, motorbikes, etc.

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