Hawaii Auto Transport Companies

Hawaii Auto Transport Companies
Published on August 29, 2022 at 4:00 pm GMT

The islands of Hawaii are an excellent spot for relocation. The beautiful nature, warm tropical climate, and crystal blue ocean are winning factors in picking this state for a permanent settlement. So, if you decide to spend the rest of your life in seclusion and privacy in this tropical paradise, there will be many decisions. 

You will be thinking about what to do with your home, furniture, and car. And that will be a lot to process. So, here, we will help you with the car part. Should you take it to Hawaii or sell it? 

What’s the right decision, and how to implement it? Here’s all that you should know.

Should I Sell or Ship My Car to Hawaii?

Leaving your present state and moving to Hawaii has many implications. You will have to figure out what to do with your current house furniture and car. While selling some of your belongings might seem reasonable to downsize what you will not need there, determining what to do with your current vehicle will be one of the trickiest challenges. To make a wise decision, consider the following:

Is your vehicle in a good state?

An old car operating for over ten years is probably not worth the trouble. And if you’re already planning to replace it in the coming year, taking advantage of this opportunity to sell it will be a wise call. However, if your car is new and has no issues, hiring a Hawaii auto transport company to transport it to your new home is the best option.  

What are your options?

The kind of car that you’ve been driving in your state might not be the best to drive in Hawaii. Maybe you’ve been using it for work only, but when in Hawaii, you will use it to reach Hawaii’s mountains, attractions, and beaches. In such cases, your current car might not serve you well there, and you will need to replace it.

The Most Affordable Way to Ship Your Car to Hawaii

If your vehicle is in a good state and can serve you well in Hawaii, why break the bank and purchase a new one? You can hire a Hawaii auto transport company that will transport your car in the most affordable way possible. Here’re the top two:

Driving to the port

Since Hawaii is an island and reaching it by trailer isn’t possible, Hawaii auto transport companies deliver cars by ships. And since ports are mostly far from residences, you will have two options; ask for a trailer to pick up your car and drop it off at the port, or drive your car by yourself to the port.

Even though requesting a trailer will save you the trouble of driving and exhaustion, it will be very costly. However, if you drive your car to the port by yourself, you will save a great deal of money and enjoy an exceptional drive to the harbor. 

Hiring a driver to deliver the car to the port

If you aren’t keen on driving for a long distance and not planning to break your budget, hiring a driver to deliver your car to the port is the most economical method. Finding a driver won’t be hard since many Hawaii auto transport companies include a special driver in the quote. However, if the Hawaii auto transport company you went for doesn’t offer a driver service, you can look for drivers on Google.

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How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping

Check the fluids level & any leaks

Leaks are a huge problem because they might harm other shipped cars, even yours. So, whether it’s an oil or battery fluid leak, you must fix it before the shipment. 

And to decrease any leakage possibility throughout the trip, reduce the fluid level in the expansion tank as much as possible. This step will not only prevent leakages but will prevent any implications after you receive your car. 

Your fuel tank has to be only ¼ full, which is more than enough to drive you home after you pick up the car and won’t add to your vehicle’s weight. 

Check the battery charge.

When shipping your car to another state, charging its battery is a must. This step is essential because sometimes, drivers need to move it from one spot to another. So, they will probably charge you an extra fee if it is inoperable.

Remove all personal belongings

No matter how valuable your belongings are in your car, no Hawaii auto transport company will make you up if any of them were stolen by a thief or damaged throughout the trip. So, emptying your car of all items is a crucial step.

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The Bottom Line

Hiring a Hawaii auto transport company is the best decision you will thank us for later. Your car will significantly help when you arrive in a state you know nothing about. But, in the middle of all the relocation overloading, don’t rush picking any Hawaii auto transport company.

Tempus Logix is your reliable auto shipping partner in the US. The company ships all kinds of vehicles from and to Hawaii in addition to all other American states.

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