Question Answered: Can I Pack My Car When Shipping It

Question Answered: Can I Pack My Car When Shipping It
Published on August 28, 2022

Auto transport is an efficient way to ship your car from one place to another without worrying about its safety. However, when your car is not the only thing you will have to transport, you might have wondered if it is possible to pack personal items in your car during shipping.

Although transporting your stuff in the car can be pretty helpful, there are a few things to consider before deciding.

Is It Legal to Pack Your Items in Your Car During Shipping?

The Department of Transportation has not instituted regulations prohibiting auto transport companies from shipping belongings in transported cars. So, it is technically legal to ship a car & belongings together. However, each company tends to have its rules. While some companies refuse to transport vehicles with personal items, others set a weight limit and some additional conditions to carry out this type of shipment order.

Why Not Ship Your Personal Items in the Shipped Car?


If you choose the open carrier car shipping method, then there will be a high risk of your items getting stolen while in transit.

Read about when to choose enclosed auto transport.

Increase the shipping cost

Transportation cost is significantly affected by vehicle weight, so added weight means more costs.

Lack of insurance coverage

The auto transport company’s insurance does not cover personal items. Car owners who pack their personal belongings in their cars during shipping do this at their own risk. Therefore, any damage that may occur due to personal stuff will not be covered either.

For example, if your items shake while in transit and harm your car’s interior, the car transport company won’t cover that damage. In addition, if a thief broke your car’s window to steal your belongings, shipping companies would not be responsible for any indemnification.

Tips for Shipping Personal Items in Your Vehicle

Pack properly

Transporting your car on a trailer differs from driving it; thus, the items inside the vehicle will be subjected to stronger movements. Heavy, hard-made materials and not well-packed items can cause considerable damage to your car’s interior. Make sure not to pack items that can easily break without securing them inside boxes.

Place the belongings in safe places

The safest place to pack your personal items is the vehicle trunk. Because it does not have any damageable accessories and there are no windows, so no one can access it. If you still want more space, make sure to keep the front seats and their floorboards empty. Not placing any items on the seat behind the driver is also recommended. One last thing to consider when placing your belongings is to keep them below the window line, making it harder for others to see your personal belongings.

Adhere to the weight restrictions

Shipping companies are not specialized in home moving processes; thus, they do not transport cars with more than 100 pounds of personal items. If you exceed this weight limit, the transport company will instead ask to remove all the items, or they will just refuse to ship the car. That is why you should talk to the service provider and follow their instructions to ensure they will not cancel your shipping order at the last minute.

How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping?

In addition to securing all personal belongings, there are a few things you should do to prepare your car to get the best transport experience:

Clean and inspect your car

When the carrier arrives at the pickup location, the driver will give you a car condition report to fill out. This report is essential to document your vehicle’s current situation, including mechanical malfunctions and existing damages. Therefore, cleaning your car will make inspecting any scratches easier.

Check the gas level

It is recommended to fill only one-quarter of the fuel tank. Just the right amount to drive to the pickup location and from the drop-off point to the nearest gas station. A full tank will add more weight to your vehicle and increase the quote.

Look for Leaks

Fluid leaking can be pretty dangerous; some drivers may refuse to ship your car if it has a bad leak. Take a look at any fluids leak; if there are any, get them fixed. Even if the leak was only minor, you still have to inform the driver so he can place the car in the trailer’s bottom row.

Check the car’s tire pressure

Most people ignore tire conditions when shipping a car. The vehicle not being driven on the road does not mean the proper tire pressure is not essential. Suppose the tires are under-inflated or over-inflated; there will be a high chance of damage during loading and unloading operations.


Now you have the answer to the question “Does Car Need to Be Empty When Shipping?”.

Packing personal items in your car when shipping is totally up to you. However, you must contact the service provider to ask about their policies and rules. Prepare the car to be shipped properly, and secure your belongings perfectly.

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