Tempus Logix is Fully Prepared to Overcome Severe Weather Outbreaks in South

Tempus Logix is Fully Prepared to Overcome Severe Weather Outbreaks in South
Published on February 21, 2023

In December 2022, a minimum of 47 reports of tornadoes had been issued by the National Weather Service from Louisiana and Mississippi to Alabama and Georgia. The severe weather outbreak in the South raised alarms of a potential crisis putting lots of pressure on the auto-transport industry.

Many people tend to ship their vehicles to other states when the weather is not good as usual. It’s a precaution to ensure their cars are safely parked elsewhere, but for shipping companies, that’s more challenging than their everyday job. The bad weather conditions make it harder for trailers to reach all destinations. Furthermore, drivers might not be able to follow the same routes they’re used to, and alternative routes might be taken to ensure the safety of the shipped vehicles.

 “Since we heard the sad news about the severe weather outbreak in the Southern states, we informed all administrative personnel and customer support agents to be ready to provide any necessary help for clients willing to ship their vehicles. We understand the situation’s sensitivity and how emotional people might become due to such circumstances. Our job is to answer their questions, explain all details, and take care of their auto-shipping orders affordably and efficiently.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

In cases of hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, there might be closed interstates, blocked highways, and sometimes entire cities become hard to access for various reasons. However, being in the auto-transport industry for years has prepared us to handle several bad weather conditions and their consequences professionally.

This year, Tempus Logix plans to implement a new AI technology enabling our customer support agents to predict bad weather conditions and act accordingly to save our valued clients time and money. Not just that, but even in the cases of severe weather outbreaks, AI technology will enable our drivers to follow the safest routes available and update them about potential closures in real-time to avoid unwanted delays.

“Although there are situations where we can’t do anything to help move vehicles, we try our best to fulfill our client’s requests within our capabilities.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

Customer agents at Tempus Logix follow the weather updates on a national scale and keep clients updated upfront about what might go wrong and what we can do to save the situation as early as possible. The USA has always been under such weather circumstances, so that’s not new to anyone, and for us at Tempus Logix, that’s just another day at work.

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