How to Transport a Tractor in the US?

How to Transport a Tractor in the US?
Published on June 15, 2023

Tractors are essential farming equipment that helps facilitate farming. Farmers have a lot of work and don’t have the time to worry about shipping their tractors. Therefore, whether someone has just purchased a new tractor or needs to transport their equipment, it is always better to hire an auto transport company to handle the transport operation.

From picking up the tractor to delivering it to the final destination, auto transport companies take care of all details and plan every step to meet their customers’ needs. 

Find an experienced transporting company to transport a tractor

Heavy equipment shipping is challenging. It requires a lot of experience and extra care to transport a tractor and safely load and deliver the heavy-duty vehicle. Hiring a professional transport company is essential in successfully carrying out the process.

  • The company must have relevant experience moving heavy equipment to transport a tractor smoothly
  •  Make sure they operate their work legally and own an MC number provided by (FMCSA), which means they are following all safety and insurance regulations that can protect the loads
  • They must have a professional team, skilled drivers, and all necessary equipment to ship tractors
  • They should offer insurance coverage against damage related to shipping accidents, including details about their insurance policy and what sort of harm they are willing to pay for

What does an auto transport company do to transport a tractor?

  1. Prepare the transportation plan: successful shipping can’t be achieved without a proper plan that includes duties designating, determining the routes the trailer will pass through, selecting the suitable tools, and providing a cost estimation.
  2. Inspect the truck capacity: before loading the tractor on the trailer, the transport provider will check the shipping tools readiness following these steps:
  3. Assess the truck and trailer tire condition: loading heavy equipment on a trailer with deflated tires can affect it negatively and cause some damage
  4. Check the brakes: heavy loads can limit the truck’s braking abilities; that is why it is essential to ensure that all brake functions are in an excellent operating shape.
  5. Check the ramp: while loading heavy tractors, ramps significantly ensure a safe load. Therefore, the company staff has to carefully examine whether the ramp is strong enough to load a tractor or not.
  6. Implement a safe loading process: the most dangerous part of transporting a tractor is the loading operation. The team should carefully ensure the distribution of most tractor weight towards the carrier front.

What is the suitable equipment to transport a tractor?

Tractors have two main types, wheeled and tracked. They also come in various sizes and hydraulic-powered attachments. Therefore, there are many trailer options to perform the shipping mission.

  • Flatbed trailers: the most commonly used trailers don’t have a cage to protect shipped vehicles, and loading a tractor is accessible with a stable bed and numerous sizes and dimensions. Flatbed trailers are great, but, despite their various capacities, their size is still limited, so they aren’t suitable for transporting extra-large cargo. 
  • Removable Gooseneck trailers: these types of trailers are suitable for transporting large equipment that can’t fit on a flatbed trailer. They have a detachable front end so a driver can turn it into a ramp.

The RNG bed is fixed on a backside axle that allows the trailer to move easily, and they are ideal for moving longer and taller loads. However, due to its huge size, RNG can’t be driven through narrow streets, and drivers must take specific roads resulting in longer travel distances and extra costs.

  • Drop deck trailers: known as step deck trailers; their bed can drop down to the ground allowing more effortless loading operation and adding more protection since its backside can be locked upwards.

It is also an excellent solution for transporting large pieces of farming, construction, and industrial equipment.

  • Lowboy trailers: many heavy transporting tasks are carried out using lowboy trailers because it is one of the lowest carriers to the ground, which provide a high stability level, and huge capacity; lowboy trailers are ideal for shipping huge and oversized loads.

Why are dimensions critical to transporting a tractor? 

The tractor dimensions are an essential factor that affects the shipping cost. Therefore, providing the company with accurate measurements is necessary.

There are limits on loads’ weight, length, and height; that is why companies try to keep their cargo equal to or below the legal dimensions. If the shipped equipment exceeds the legal limit, the shipping cost will increase to a considerable extent due to escorts, restricted routes, and permit fees.


Transport A Tractor is a difficult task that requires a lot of preparations, experience, suitable shipping equipment, and legal permits. Auto transport companies can take care of all necessary operations and ensure a safe process.

Tempus Logix offers affordable heavy-duty vehicle transportation and can provide all sorts of trailers according to the vehicle’s conditions.

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