Top Auto Transport Trends in 2023

Top Auto Transport Trends in 2023
Published on February 24, 2023

The auto transport industry has witnessed several challenges, transformations, and developments throughout the past decade. Years ago, we used to see changes in the hardware equipment, but that is not the case anymore as a growing interest and greater emphasis are being placed on integrating software solutions for smarter technologies that entail more effectiveness in transporting vehicles.

This article will provide clearer insights on the top auto transport trends in 2023, besides providing fundamental reasons for hiring an auto transport company when moving vehicles.

Top auto transport trends in 2023

Upgrading AI systems

Artificial Intelligence is making a huge revolution in the technological field as it proved its efficiency and responsivity in dealing with a wide range of tasks, from mundane to more complex ones. In the auto transport industry, employing artificial intelligence has shown great results in automating some functions where humans could make mistakes. For example, drivers can schedule more timely car shipments due to AI’s ability to monitor roads and predict traffic.

Additionally, AI helps drivers plan their routes and choose alternatives when traffic is detected. This helps reduce driving time and saves fuel costs reasonably. Not just that, but this cutting-edge technology improves safety, as it can identify hazards and spot drivers’ behaviors. For example, if the driver shows sleepiness signs, AI can notify service agents instantly.

Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of things has several useful functions, and it primarily helps auto transport companies keep track of the performance of their vehicles. It can track transport carriers and provide accurate data in real time via tracking sensors. It also accounts for promoted delivery efficiency by being able to recognize traffic delays and road congestion and suggest alternative routes.

The IoT has other important uses, like detecting speed limits, vehicles’ health, drivers’ safety, and fuel levels, as well as ensuring road status.

Transportation management systems TMS & advanced load matching ALM

Transportation management systems provide real-time shipments, inventory, and driver tracking. It increases visibility and analyzes and interprets data to provide insights helpful in reducing costs.

Advanced load matching, on the other hand, is a service that aims at assisting auto carriers and brokers in matching the cars that have to be shipped with the most appropriate fleet vehicle.

Autonomous and electric transportation

Though autonomous vehicles are not entirely launched to run on the roads and handle the complete driving tasks under all conditions without the interference of a driver, the integration of autonomy into the auto transport industry will produce added benefits.

Autonomous vehicles are eco-friendly, so they reduce transportation emissions, which ultimately contribute to lowering prices. They also contribute to eliminating road accidents and enhancing safety.

On the other hand, electrified vehicles are starting to shape the new model of future transportation. These vehicles are also environmentally friendly, based on electronic batteries and sustainable resources instead of gasoline, and they are safer means of transportation.

Why use auto transport companies’ services?

Several benefits are guaranteed when a specialized auto transport company ships a vehicle. First, auto transport workers and staff have the expertise to ship a car properly and safely regardless of long distances.

Shipping a car via a reliable auto transport company saves the car’s owner time. When people are relocating, they have many issues in mind to take care of, and they barely have time to arrange to relocate their vehicle, especially when they have more than one car that needs to be moved. Auto transport companies can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously, saving the hassle of making a repeated trip to drive each car to a new destination.

Furthermore, some cars, like classic cars, are not designed to be driven long distances, and they need special handling to maintain their value, and such cars are advised to be shipped with enclosed trailers for extra protection. Inoperable cars, for example, unquestionably require special hauling equipment.

Regarding safety issues, choosing not to drive the car is better for the safety of the car and its owner. Some people are not used to driving long distances or are not accustomed to freeway driving, so they cannot handle different road problems they might face during the trip.

Choosing to ship the car with an auto-transport company protects the car from wear and tear. It is also more affordable than driving it when considering fuel costs, hotel accommodation, and food and drink during the trip.

Tempus Logix is one of the leading auto transport companies implementing modern technologies in its processes. Recently the company invested heavily in developing an accurate auto shipping cost calculator, and website visitors can get instant and accurate quotes based on their input. Moreover, the company has plans to raise the level of AI-based processes in its daily operations in 2023.

Finally, changes in the auto transport industry continue to come due to the ongoing technological developments that induce businesses to adapt. These changes make the auto transport business more profitable and effective, enhancing smarter work practices.

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