Winter is on the Horizon and Tempus Logix is Ready

Winter is on the Horizon and Tempus Logix is Ready
Published on November 7, 2022

The snowy, rainy, and windy winter is approaching, and snowbirds are planning their vacations from far and wide in the U.S. 

However, in such times of the year, the demand for auto shipping services and the risks associated with transport processes increase. Fulfilling auto transport under severe winter circumstances is a big challenge that requires skillful drivers, strong trailers and carriers, and experienced shipping agents.

“Auto transport processes are already sophisticated; many factors are involved; some are controllable by our team of experts, and others are completely out of control. Winter weather conditions can threaten our drivers, carriers, and cargo. However, the long years of experience have taught us great lessons and enlightened us on the safest ways to deliver our orders unbothered. We never risk our clients’ trust; they’ve trusted us with one of their dearest belongings, and we will grant them the service they look forward to.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

A successful auto transport process in winter is a collaborative effort. The company takes all needed precautions for safely picking up and delivering vehicles regardless of winter weather conditions.

Tempus Logix urges its dear clients to place the auto shipping order as soon as possible to avoid the holiday rush and ensure their vehicle arrives on time. Winter is one of the peak seasons in our industry; sometimes, we get overwhelmed with orders, and some are delayed. So, we advise clients to secure their vehicles a quote as early as possible.

“We never feel good disappointing one of our clients by telling them that we have no place for their car on any of our carriers. So, once the winter season is on the horizon, we expand our connections with carriers around the U.S. and notify them to activate the alter mode for receiving as many auto transport orders as possible. We also try to clear our schedule by completing all past auto transport orders and start the new season on the right foot.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

We also appreciate our client’s doing their homework for better car transportation in the winter

  1. Before transporting a car during winter, car owners need to check their car’s antifreeze to ensure the engine’s safety while being exposed to extreme cold.
  2. They also have to ensure the battery’s operability, as drivers might need to start the car and move it from one place to another, keeping in mind that batteries dying chances are greater in winter than in any other season.

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