How Soon will My Vehicle Arrive?

How Soon will My Vehicle Arrive?
Published on February 3, 2020

The dates of vehicle pickup and delivery depend on a variety of factors.

When you are trucking a car coast-to-coast, it will take 7-10 days after the pickup for the car to be delivered. The car carriers are allowed to drive approximately 500 miles a day. There might be some delays because of weather conditions, possible problems with the truck, daily log reset, etc.

If you are working with a broker company, they will need a timeframe before the pickup to contract with a reliable and professional carrier company to transport your vehicle safely and on time. During the timeframe before the pickup, the car should be available. The broker will need a timeframe that will be mentioned when providing a shipping quote. In our case, the timeframe is 1-7 days starting the first available date. It does not mean that we need exactly 7 days for the pickup. It may be picked up on the first day of availability. It can take 7 days only in some rare cases when we do not have a driver on the route of the shipment.

We start working on the shipment starting the date specified by the customer. When booking with us please make sure to specify the first available date taking into consideration a 7-day time-frame.

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