Oklahoma Auto Transport Companies

Oklahoma Auto Transport Companies
Published on September 26, 2022

Who says a vacation in the United States should only be in Hawaii, California, or Las Vegas? Everyone overlooks many great states, and Oklahoma is among them. This state, with its lakes, rivers, fascinating nature, and small towns, is a must-visit place in the United States.

You will enjoy a trip to the Oklahoma City Museum of Arts, Chickasaw Cultural Center, The Cave House, and the list go long. But do you know how you will reach these great attractions? On a bus, taxi, or train? None sounds like a very comfortable means of transportation for a relaxing vacation. But thanks to auto transport companies, you can always have your car wherever you travel.

If you decide to grant yourself the perfect, comfortable vacation and hire an Oklahoma auto transport company, there must be some things you should know.

Research Reliable Oklahoma Auto Transport Companies

Collaborating with a reliable auto transport company is the golden tip for a safe, successful auto transport process. A trustworthy company is one that:

  • The FMCSA licenses it
  • Has expensive experience in shipping different kinds of vehicles
  • Has a good website and a solid online presence
  • Has a list of satisfied clients’ reviews
  • Has professional and collaborative customer service

Decide on the Trailer You Will Need 

When you go to the Oklahoma auto transport company’s website to place your shipping quote, there will be two options regarding the transport methods you can select: open and enclosed.

Open trailers are many and more economical than the enclosed trailers. This kind of trailer exposes shipped cars to road hazards and weather conditions. So, it’s a safe option only if the weather is stable, your car isn’t classic or luxurious, and if you’re dealing with a reliable Oklahoma auto transport company, as safely driving an open trailer needs a very professional driver.

On the other hand, enclosed trailers guarantee shipped cars the utmost security. This kind of trailer has a box shape, with four walls and a roof. So, there’s no way any road debris finds its way to the car’s body. In addition, many auto transport companies have temperature-controlled enclosed trailers. So, if you don’t want to risk exposing your car to Oklahoma’s hot, humidity, and road dangers, an enclosed carrier is worth the cash.

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Order a Shipping Quote ASAP

Placing your car shipping quote as soon as possible secures your car a place on the trailer you want at the time you prefer.

It’s worth noting that enclosed trailers are few and might not always be available during your shipment day. So, to guarantee that the company will give your car priority, it would help if you put your order a couple of weeks in advance.

Furthermore, there are specific times of the year when Oklahoma auto transport companies get busy, as auto transport is a market that’s affected by the time of the year. When it’s summertime, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, more people from all around the nation will be shipping their cars to their vacation destination. So, time is of the essence in these times; never put off the early booking.

Prepare Your Car for Shipping 

Run a maintenance check 

For a safe and secure shipment, your car must be in a good state and operating smoothly. Check for any fluid leaks, as leaks don’t only affect your car during the shipment but other cars as well. And if any of the shipped cars got affected by the leakage from your vehicle, the company will probably charge you. 

Your car’s tires must be properly inflated, not overinflated or underinflated. Remember that over-inflated tires might cause tire wear or even explode during the shipment. On the other hand, when the tires are underinflated, their tread life will dramatically reduce, and they will cause rims damage. 

Last but not least, you must fully charge your car’s battery for the driver to be able to start your vehicle if needed.

Wash the car

Even if you want to ship your car on an open trailer and know that it will get dirty during transport, washing your car before the shipment is a must. The dust and mud on your car’s body hide many issues, including dents, scratches, rust, etc.

However, you need to clearly observe those issues before handing your car’s keys to the carrier. Washing the shipped car is recommended by all experts to be able to document its pre-transport state, compare it with the post transport, consequently spot any new damages and claim for insurance coverage at ease.

Take out any precious belongings

The insurance coverage you can claim doesn’t include the items shipped in the car. So, you must ensure that no personal belongings are left in the vehicle before the shipment. Thieves are many, and Oklahoma auto transport companies are only responsible for your car’s safety, not what’s inside.

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A car shipment is risky and requires a very professional and seasoned auto transport company. Tempus Logix is one of the prime auto transport companies in the nation and has a great number of successful shipments for different cars, heavy equipment, and even boats.

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