Can I Ship Personal Items in the Car?

Can I Ship Personal Items in the Car?
Published on June 12, 2020

Regulation for Shipping Car and Belongings Together

For shipping a car or personal belongings, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates them separately. These regulations mean to hold carries responsible if damages happen to the property. Having personal belongings in a vehicle during auto transport will require recording of those items one by one on the Bill of Lading (BOL), which we do not do.  In other words, auto transport carriers take responsibility only for transporting a car, and carriers who transport household goods assume responsibility for their type of cargo.

Admittedly, to regulate property separately is a good idea for other reasons as well. Since securement rules for each type of cargo are different, mixing them up only complicates things for everyone. After all, FMCSA wants to keep the public safe during freight transportation and hold those who transport them liable in the event something does go wrong.

Rules and Weight Limits when Shipping Car with Personal Items

FMCSA and Tempus Logix care for the safety and liability of your property. Accordingly, we do allow personal items during your vehicle transportation free of charge if the total weight does not exceed 100 lbs. Also, we ask that you nicely pack the items and store them either in the trunk or below the window level, away from the driver seat. However, because of FMCSA regulations, the carriers cannot be responsible for any of the personal property inside the car and will not insure it. If you do want to put property over 100 lbs, please know that it might be subject to an additional charge simply because weight affects the cost in an auto transport business.

Although our carriers do not insure your items in the vehicle during car transportation, we believe it should not cause any problems. Yes, a slight risk of theft indeed exists, but that risk does not involve our carriers because they are not thieves, that is for sure. Whether others can steal the property, we think this can happen for anything else that we own, regardless of where it might be. We know that theft is a crime punishable by law irrespectively. If somebody tries to steal the property, he or she will be punished when caught, without any distinction if it is insured or not.

When you want to ship car and belongings together because you think it is more convenient than shipping it separately, please talk to us, and we will try to arrange that for you. Tempus Logix is always here to make things easier for their customers.

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