Comprehensive Guide: What is Auto Transport Software

Comprehensive Guide: What is Auto Transport Software
Published on October 18, 2022 at 8:14 am GMT

The auto transport market is becoming more and more sophisticated over time; while all a client might see is a customer care agent reaching out to them and a carrier picking up and dropping off their vehicle, a lot is happening behind the scenes.

The easy procedure in which a client places an order and gets the fastest, most professional service is the result of many systems, software, and algorithms. Auto transport software has become part and parcel of the auto transport market. It has made everything, including orders, documents, tracking, analyzing, reporting, and others, a lot more convenient for auto transport brokers and clients.

Technology products are limitless, and the ones that touch upon the auto transport field are many. So, here, you will get to know the top software auto transport brokers use to grant clients the most professional service they strive for.

Transportation Management System

The TMS is software that enables auto transport companies to manage the logistics regarding car shipments. It helps in tracking loads, executing, and optimizing their movement. This auto transport software also provides visibility into the routine processes, shipments documentations, and payments and invoices.

What this auto transport software does in detail is that it filters the given auto shipping orders and arranges each client a suitable shipping time, date, and carrier depending on their preferences, the forum they’ve filled, and the company’s schedule.

The transportation management system facilitates tracking and monitoring of the workflow; it gathers all the data needed to build a sufficient understanding of the current and past processes in detail. Using this auto transport software efficiently can contribute to business growth, customer traffic, and a very organized workflow. 

1. Customer relationship manager

As the name implies, customer relationship management is software that helps auto transport companies manage their relationships and rapport with current and probable clients. This auto transport software simplifies triggering probable clients, enabling managers to control pricing, leads, and orders from one platform.

The customer relationship manager saves time and grants clients a convenient and fast service. Without a CRM, taking a client’s order will go as follows: taking a call from a client, writing down their vehicle’s model, make, location, destination, preferred carrier, and pick-up and delivery time. Then, take ages to contact all carriers and confirm one is available, make the math and come up with a quote estimation, and finally get back to the client, who might’ve found and hired another car transport company by then.

The customer relationship management software saves companies all that time and enables them to complete endless tasks from a single center.

2. Enterprise resource planning

The enterprise resource planning software saves time, cash, and manual labor. It links all the software a company utilizes to enable all those who have access to the system to stay updated about the activity of different divisions, including finances, accounting, and others. ERP integrates all the systems and essential parts of the business to improve the efficiency in which they operate.

A single source system like the ERP helps the company improve productivity, reporting, forecasting, and efficiency.

The Benefits of an Auto Transport Software

1. Improve profitability

The auto transport software, if utilized efficiently, can replace many human resources and, consequently, save money. This software is also programmed in a very sophisticated, advanced way that leaves no chance for an error or mistake that a human might make. So, these systems, brilliant technology productions, are an investment in any auto transport broker’s profitability and success.

2. Business insight

Once an auto transport company has all the data, documents, and reports stored and available in one place, in the TMS, to be specific, that might help in expanding the business’s insight. This insight is represented by gaining visibility into the operations, analyzing service performance, and managing the workflow.

3. Grants customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a great contributor to any company’s success. And the auto transport software in general and the customer relationship manager’s system, in particular, were designed to achieve this end. Clients will appreciate the simplified process in which they can order a quote and hire service as easily as the auto transport software guarantees.

4. Saves tons of time

When the technology and digital systems take the lead and do time and energy-consuming work, companies can turn the human resources to other advantageous tasks. The auto transport software doesn’t only do the work humans cannot do, but it completes it in a record time. Software and systems can draw graphs, calculate percentages, and prepare tons of documents in a very short timeframe.

The Bottom Line

The software and systems auto transport companies utilize are many, and they differ from one company to another. However, using advanced technologies doesn’t cancel the rule of real and professional customer care agents, as all clients appreciate a real human being empathizing with them and answering their questions efficiently.

Tempus Logix has done both perfectly. They utilize advanced auto transport software and have a great customer service team, always ready to assist clients and solve their problems.

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