How Much does Car Shipping Cost in 2022? Everything you Need to Know

How Much does Car Shipping Cost in 2022? Everything you Need to Know
Published on May 24, 2022 at 1:56 pm GMT

From shipping midsize cars to shipping classic and collectible vehicles, one of the first questions that a client asks is, “how much does car shipping cost?”

The answer to such a question cannot be predetermined as not all vehicles are the same; some are large, others are midsized; besides destinations differ, that is car owners may transport vehicle to California, others to Arizona etc. The car transport company has to consider many factors until it can say the final word about the quote. So, here, we’ll spotlight the top influencers on the car shipping cost.

Time of Year

Like any other business, there’ll be peak seasons when the need for the service increases dramatically. And car shipping business is no different; the peak season is summer, and the raise might reach a considerable number.

The same goes for winter, which is not a peak season, but car owners and carriers are under tremendous pressure and have many concerns about the unpredicted wind, rain, or snow. These elements will be a huge threat to the shipped cars, shipping vehicles, and drivers. So, it requires taking more care and additional precautions, which will cost the company extra money and time. The raise isn’t precisely fixed; however, it differs from one company to another.

So, if you’re not planning to spend an additional fee, it’s better to ask the company about the car shipping costs at each time of the year and transport yours at the most appropriate period for your budget and time frame.

Delivery Time

Car shipping companies are ready to meet your need for lightning-fast car transport wherever you are, whenever you want. But you have to break the bank a little. If you want the vehicle shipping company to transport your vehicle in a short time, you should be ready to pay an additional fee for that.

However, if you’re flexible regarding the delivery time and have no problems with the date and time expected by the carrier, there’ll be no additional fees.


Unlike many beliefs, the car shipping cost for long distances isn’t always high-priced; because many factors are involved. For example, if the driver can reach the required destination by taking highway routes, the per-mile cost will decrease even if it’s far.

However, the cost rises if the route is indirect and hardly accessible due to heavy traffic, narrow streets, or any hindrance.

Car Condition

Is your car operable or inoperable? A non-running car requires additional equipment and more procedures to get the job done safely. If the car roll, steer and break, then the carrier will need the help of a tow truck to get the inoperable car in and out of the shipping truck. But, if the vehicle doesn’t roll, steer, or break, a forklift is required. Using these vehicles during the shipment will highly increase the car shipping cost. You can read more about Non-Running Vehicle Shipping.

On the other hand, loading an operable car is more convenient and doesn’t require extra equipment.

Vehicle’s Size

The vehicle’s size is among the most critical factors determining the final quote for your car’s shipment.

Suppose a trailer fits seven midsize cars, and your vehicle is full-size; this will compel the carrier to haul five or fewer midsize cars, so your vehicle is adjusted safely and comfortably. The larger the automobile, the more expensive the fee.

Open Trailer vs. Enclosed Trailer

There’re two types of trailers that a company may use for car shipping.

  • The first one is the open trailer which only features a bed; there are no walls or a roof; consequently, it doesn’t provide a high level of protection. The economical price of an open-air trailer is attributed to the trailer’s lightness; it doesn’t burn a lot of fuel, and it’s operable by a light-duty vehicle.
  • The enclosed trailer features a bed, walls, roof, and a closed door. It protects the vehicle in transit and from any probable damage and vandalism during the trip. The car shipping cost in an enclosed trailer is expensive because of the high level of protection it guarantees. In addition, an enclosed trailer mostly doesn’t fit seven vehicles as an open trailer does. Read about When to Choose an Enclosed Auto Transport.

Terminal-to-Terminal vs. Door-to-Door Service

When it comes to car drop-off and delivery, there’re two options to select from:


You have to drive the vehicle to a specific destination where it’ll be hauled and shipped. You also have to go to a pre-agreed location to pick up your vehicle when it finally arrives. The car shipping cost for this service is less expensive than the following one.


This type of service is favorable if you want to save time and trouble driving to a predetermined destination that could be far or challenging to access. If you went for this type of service, a carrier would come to the most convenient location to pick up the car and drop it off right at the selected destination.

In Short

All the factors mentioned above strongly influence the final car shipping cost. However, some have more effect than others, for example, the trailer’s type, the car’s size, and time of year. Now, since you got to know what factors will raise the cost and what will lower it, you might be able to estimate an approximate fee for your car transport.

Tempus Logix offers a comprehensive set of vehicle transportation services for affordable prices. The company has successfully delivered over 30,000 vehicles across the states and has a vast network of shipping vendors and professionals that includes over 25,000 transportation contractors.

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