How Does Race Car Shipping Work?

How Does Race Car Shipping Work?
Published on June 23, 2022

Race car shipping is a significant part of the racing lifestyle. However, it takes a lot of work to move racing vehicles from one race to another; car owners surely don’t want to take the risk and drive them between the tracks; therefore, the best choice is to hire an auto transport company to help transport the race car.

Auto transport companies make sure the car will reach the track safe and sound, so car owners don’t have to think about the safety and privacy of their vehicles since they will be transported in a fully enclosed trailer.

How to Find an Auto Transport Company?

Race cars are unique, and transporting them requires a lot of experience and exceptional care to guarantee their safety; the critical factor is to find a trustworthy transport provider that offers a race car shipping service.

If you want to find a reliable car shipping service provider, it is recommended to start doing research immediately after deciding to transport the car; waiting for a few days before the race will lead to some unpleasant consequences, including the increase in transport costs and the possibility to make reckless decisions due to the lack of time.

It should be noted that expensive companies’ services may not be the best; on the other hand, cheap services may not be reliable. Eventually, the right way to solve this problem is to compare the service packages offered for a specific quote and decide depending on the one that meets the race car transport requirements.

What Does the Race Car Shipping Package Include?

The transport method

Picking a suitable shipping method is necessary to transport race cars efficiently and safely. It is well known that race cars have a very low clearance, so they can’t be loaded safely on open trailers. Furthermore, each vehicle is unique and needs to be transported carefully.

Such shipping requirements are best found in enclosed auto transport services which ensure complete protection from all external factors that may cause damage to the transported vehicles; enclosed trailers are also provided with a hydraulic lift to help perform a safe load for low ground clearance cars.

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Pick-up and drop-off method

Auto transport companies offer door-to-door delivery options, which is the safest way for race car shipping; the car will be picked up from its garage and moved to the race track using the same truck.


The last thing to check is the insurance level, which must fit the vehicle value. Although shipping accidents are not familiar, no one can predict the future. Thus, it is suggested to ask for the insurance details to know what damage the transport company will be responsible for.

How to Prepare the Car for Shipping?

The transport provider is not the only party responsible for the race car shipping process; the owners also bear some responsibility since they should ensure their vehicles are well prepared to get picked up.

The preparations include: 

  • Inspecting the car thoroughly and making notes of all existing damage or mechanics issues the company must be aware of. If necessary, take some pictures, and submit all details to the service provider before handing the car key to the driver. Auto transport companies usually have a form that car owners should fill out to ensure that shipping operations run correctly.   
  • You must drain the fuel tank to only one quarter; this will help lower the overall car weight; you should also check their fluids so the car can operate adequately.
  • Remove all personal belongings and aftermarket customizations since they may fall off during transit and get damaged; it will also add more weight to vehicles resulting in more transportation fees. Moreover, these items are not included in the insurance provided by shipping companies.

How Does Race Car Shipping Work?

After choosing a trusted vehicle shipping company, car owners may be curious about the transport operations and how it works. On the pick-up day, the company team of experts will be responsible for scrutinizing the car and loading it safely on an enclosed trailer using a hydraulic lift. Then they will secure it with nylon straps to prevent any shaking and ensure the vehicle is in a secure position without any chances of its paint getting damaged by the safety tools. 

After ensuring the race car is wholly secured inside the trailer and ready for traveling, the skilled driver will drive through previously planned roads to ensure the load is safe and will reach its destination at the exact, decided dropping-off date. 

All legal regulations will be taken care of by the transport company beforehand, so the car owners don’t have to worry about such details. Car owners can get updates about their car’s condition whenever they want.

When the race car transport reaches its final delivery step, the car owners must examine their vehicles before signing the documents; if everything is fine, they can sign and take their car keys.


Transporting a race car is a little more complicated than it seems; however, car owners don’t have to worry about everything; they should find a trustworthy shipping company to take care of the whole shipping process.

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