Top 5 Tips to Safely Transport Your Classic Car

Top 5 Tips to Safely Transport Your Classic Car
Published on May 10, 2022

Do you want to travel somewhere with your collectible car effortlessly? Then, you don’t need to stress yourself about driving anymore. Move whenever you want by train, bus, or plane. Your vehicle might arrive there even before you do with the help of a classic car transport service. The latest are numerous nowadays; all are ready to serve you and your collectible car the way you want. But, there’re many things to do before you decide to safely transport your classic and collectible car. Follow these tips, and guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in the best condition.

Know Your Options

Is this the first time you transport your classic car? You need to understand the available options. You can transport your collectible vehicle by an open trailer or an enclosed one. Both options have many advantages but consider the classic car shipping cost.

Your classic and collectible car should be transported in controlled and safe circumstances, protected from all outside elements. If you want our advice, an enclosed car transport costs 50% more than an open carrier, but it’s worth it. So, maybe you should consider a closed carrier.

Open carriers protect your collectible car from getting exposed to dangers as well, they take care of it as much as possible, and it saves you some money. But both weather exposures and street rubble aren’t something to be controlled by the transportation company.

Collaborate with a Trusted Company

One of your dearest treasures is moving away from you, and that’s why you should know who can take responsibility for your classic car. Unfortunately, many people have gotten their cars harmed because of the lousy transportation process.

The best way to decide on a reliable classic car transport company is to look for a license. Every trusted company should have certified permission to ensure they can do their job legally. Another way is to read reviews. Some classic car transport companies are the best; they’re cautious and trustworthy, and their classic car shipping costs are reasonable, while others are not eligible for the job. The practical experiences of other people might help you in your puzzle.

Tempus Logix has been shipping vehicles all over the states with hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied clients. Both open and enclosed trailers are available with fair pricing and professional staff to handle all operations.

Read the Agreement in Detail

The reliable classic car transport company should guarantee your rights and promise to protect the vehicle from possible harm when transporting your car. Some auto transporters might assure you everything will be okay and you don’t have to worry about anything. Although they might be honest, a physical agreement will better guarantee your rights.

There should be an actual agreement from the company. It’s a contract between the customer and the carrier or the broker. So, you should get a copy of that agreement and read it thoroughly because your best collectible car is part of the deal. This paper has everything about the transportation process, what the company is responsible for and what they’re not. Reading the policies will help you understand how things are going to work. It’ll help you know about the company’s insurance, what’s the limit of their insurance, and if it covers any damage that might happen or not. You might ask for another agreement with your terms and policies, which helps both parties.

Prepare Your Car for Transportation

Before transportation, you have to check gas, car oil, and everything about your car. Maybe you don’t know about that, but your car’s gas tank shouldn’t be full. That’s to avoid additional weight. Make sure that you don’t hand your only copy of keys to the driver, keep one set with you.

Another thing you should consider is that you can’t send your car dirty. Cleanse it inside out as much as possible to show any dings. Maybe your collectible vehicle isn’t perfect and has some scars and scratches here and there, and it’s okay, but no one wants more damage to their cars; clean deeply to clear up everything, and take pictures of every part of your car to make sure the carrier does no new damage. Although damage doesn’t occur frequently, there’s no harm in more precautions. However, inside cleaning is essential, and you have to get rid of any unnecessary objects inside your car.

Lock Your Vehicle

You and the carrier are the only responsible people for your car during transportation. You have your keys, and you’ve handed a copy of your car keys to the carrier, and everything is excellent. But leaving the car unlocked is not safe at all, and it won’t save your collectible car value.

No matter how reliable the classic car transport is, there’re many threats; someone might steal items from your vehicle during the transportation. So lock all of the doors and the gas trunk. Some car systems might be sensitive if someone tries to close them when they’re on the carrier, and it alters the theft threat immediately. If your car doesn’t have such a system, ask the carrier to lock its doors when possible.

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Your car journey won’t be short, and many obstacles might get in the way. So, all five tips above are equally important to ensure your calm car delivery. However, the second tip includes all the rest. A reliable classic car transport company won’t let your car get hurt, it’ll give you an explicit agreement, an affordable classic car shipping cost, and it will fill you up with all available options.

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