How to Save Money in the Process of Your Car Shipment

How to Save Money in the Process of Your Car Shipment
Published on February 28, 2020

After many years in the auto transport industry, we’ve learned where you can safely cut costs and still get your vehicle to your desired destination.

Before trying to get a quote for vehicle transportation, you should first be aware of the factors that affect the price you pay when you ship your car. It’s important to understand these factors so you can judge the price you are quoted for.

What Factors Can Affect Auto Transport Prices? 

Shipping Distance

The first and biggest factor that impacts the price you pay to ship your vehicle is how far you need it moved. If you’re moving it from one state to the one next to it, that’s obviously going to be a lot cheaper than moving it from coast to coast. The reason for these prices isn’t just the distance. You’re paying more because an expert driver is giving more time and hard work to transport your vehicle safely from one place to another.

Auto transport is more affordable than many people think. It’s not that cheap. But it’s more affordable than people think.

Another thing that affects the price is the size of your vehicle. Bigger vehicles like trucks cost a little more to ship than smaller vehicles like compact cars. But prices don’t just double when the size of your vehicle does. And you should be very careful of any company that makes this excuse.

Open and Enclosed Car Shipping

When you transport your vehicle, you have 2 decisions to make. You have to choose between an enclosed car transport or open car transport.

Open car transport simply means that the car will be exposed to the weather conditions as it’s transported from point A to point B.

Enclosed car transport means the vehicle will be put inside a sealed auto hauler.

Open is the most used car moving service and it’s generally recommended for most auto transport, especially if you are willing to ship on a low budget.

But if you have an expensive, classic or a brand new car, an enclosed car moving service is more recommended for you. But be aware that enclosed is more expensive but can make sense if you are moving an expensive vehicle.

Seasonal Fluctuations

The month or the time of the year can also impact your vehicle shipping costs. Even if you’re not experiencing rain or snow, the driver may face them on his way to the locations.

Just be aware of seasonality when you’re thinking about the cheapest car shipping company. And be advised that if you can move your shipping date, you can save some money. Get in touch with one of the chat agents of an auto transport company to know what is the best time to ship your vehicle.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Points

When you want to ship your car, it’s most likely going to go on the bed of a big truck. And those trucks are hard for them to get through small roads and tight spaces. Try to find big parking lots because it’s easier for the truckers to load and unload the vehicle. So sometimes it means a bit of driving for you but it could also result in getting some money back in your pocket. Choose your pickup and delivery spots carefully. All these factors contribute to the price you pay and how much you save.

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