Arizona Auto Transport Companies

Arizona Auto Transport Companies
Published on June 10, 2022

Many people like to spend the winter in Arizona for its warm weather. No matter how they’ll get there, enjoying Arizona’s attractions isn’t possible without having a car to facilitate transportation, especially for families. Hiring an Arizona auto transport company is the only option to ensure safe car transportation. However, before deciding on a car shipping company, there are many things to consider.

Tips to keep in mind before hiring an Arizona auto transport company:

Do a cost-benefit analysis

Most clients’ main concern is the shipping cost, and it’s the first thing they ask about when they decide to ship their car to another state. People don’t like to pay much and continuously pursue the cheapest services.

However, when it comes to car shipping, very cheap services aren’t trustworthy, and they won’t be cautious while transporting cars. Additionally, their tools and vehicles aren’t efficient enough to handle such a challenging job. They have compromised many things in return for the low cost.

To find the best service and quote, a client has to look for the available Arizona auto transport companies and compare the fee they impose to the service quality they guarantee. 

People should know the benefits an auto transport company has to provide and then decide on a reliable shipping service that corresponds with a reasonable cost. Tempus Logix offers an affordable car transportation service from and to Arizona and all other states in the U.S.

Look for a cost calculator

The cost calculator is one of the most critical factors that a client has to look for on a company’s website before hiring an Arizona auto transport service.

What is a cost calculator?

It’s a free tool reliable car transport companies provide for potential clients on their website. A client has to enter information about the pick-up point and the delivery locations. In addition to some info about the car’s model, make, year, transportation type, and if it’s operable or not. Answering these questions will generate an initial cost for the service.

A company that doesn’t have a car shipping cost calculator on its website isn’t reliable. Companies that ask for a fixed fee without requiring any information might not be a good option.

Read previous clients’ reviews and testimonials

The testimonial section on an Arizona auto transport company’s website is the space that will get a client to know what this company is and how excellent the service quality they maintain.

A client can learn a lot about a company by reading reviews. It’s a beneficial and fast way to get an insight into how reliable this Arizona auto transport company is.

Check the quality of customer service

While the company’s website might have all the information that a client needs to know about the service, some clients prefer to call or send an email. A reliable auto transport company should have strong customer service where people in charge are willing to answer any question and elaborate on any vague idea patiently and efficiently. Customer service quality is another thing that tells a lot about the company’s reliability, and all clients should give it a mind. 

Look over the insurance

The federal law imposes strict policies on transport companies in the U.S and requires them to preserve car shipping insurance. So, a client has to read the insurance thoroughly and get to know the kind of damages they cover.

The terms and policies for each company’s insurance differ; some cover damages only during loading and unloading the vehicle, and some might not take responsibility for accidents. Looking over the insurance is a critical step before hiring a transport company.

Before handing the car keys to an Arizona auto transport company, what to do?

A client’s role doesn’t end by finding and hiring a trustworthy Arizona auto transport company. There are still many things to do to prepare the car for the long trip it’s about to be away on. 

Wash the car and document its pre-shipment condition

Wash the car to spot any scratches and avoid misunderstandings with the auto transportation company. After cleaning the car thoroughly, documenting the car’s condition by taking pictures and videos is a must. This step is essential to benefit from the insurance if something happens during the transportation.

Examine the tire pressure 

A car’s owner has to check the tires are adequately inflated. The tires shouldn’t look flat; at the same time, they shouldn’t be over-inflated because both states will increase the damage potential during the loading or unloading process.

Check the fuel level

Since the car will be on a trailer, it won’t burn fuel. So, there’s no need to fill the fuel tank up before the shipment as it’ll add to the vehicle’s weight and increase the fee and risks. However, there should be some fuel to start the car if the driver wants to move it from one place to another. We advise clients to fill a quarter of the tank only.


There are a lot of great places to visit in Arizona, and traveling there without a car will make you miss all the joy. So, book your car shipping service and enjoy your time in Arizona.

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