What Cars Will Become Classics in 10 Years from Now?

What Cars Will Become Classics in 10 Years from Now?
Published on April 29, 2022

Ten years from now, the new cars your friends were bragging about will start turning into old classics. Some of them will be outdated and worthless. On the other hand, some senior vehicles will age like fine wine. They will become 2032 collectible cars that will be put up for auctions, and wealthy people will be bidding on them. So, if you want to start making fortunes by getting into the classic and collectible cars market, read till the end.

You Need to Know How to Grab a Collective Vehicle Chance

It would be best to understand that you’re in a good spot because the collectible cars field isn’t very active considering investors. Yet it’s extreme regarding the buyers. So, your competitors are relatively few, but the clients are many. Your wealth is almost guaranteed if you know how to find and invest in the right car.

Investing in classic and collectible cars is all about extensive research. So, it would help if you are looking for outstanding style, exclusivity, and rarity. You also have to ensure the vehicle is in a good state and unharmed. Once you find one of these factors in a car, it’s a green light, go for it and purchase this future collectible vehicle.

But, even though many cars could become classics in the coming years, some vehicles have a higher possibility than others. Here’s a list of the more likely cars to become collectible vehicles in the next ten years:

2009 Nissan GT-R

This car is not a cheap shot, but it’s worth the cost. Nissan sport automobile will be one of the best collectibles cars due to its quick ride. The powerful engine and the distinctive style aren’t something to be affected by time. A driver will be living a video game experience in real life. Nissan GT-R rockets the quarter-mile in 11.5 seconds at 124 mph.

1998 Lotus Esprit

Participating in James Bond movies will increase this collectible car’s value. Even if it’s not the actual car in the film, its mid-engine, twin-turbo v8, in addition to 0-100 mph speed per ~11 seconds, makes it the first choice for speed lovers.

BMW 1 Series M Coupe

This car stands out among many other collectible vehicles because of its rarity. This unique BMW has been in production for one year only, and many collectors will be willing to pay no matter how the cost escalates. Though the car’s uniqueness is more than enough reason for investment, it also uses turbocharging, and its performance is outstanding.

Aston Martin Vantage AMR Manual

This is another unique vehicle that will definitely be on the classic and collectible cars’ upcoming list. With no more than 200 copies, Aston Martin sports cars will grow in demand in the coming years. The manual gearbox is another characteristic that will pave the way for this vehicle to make it to the future collectible cars field.

1984-1991 Ferrari Testarossa

Vintage Ferraris are the investment of all time. Ferrari fans are everywhere, you only have to find a Ferrari with a distinct design and limited edition, and they’ll get the bait. Here comes the Testarossa, “red-head.” Influenced by the 80s style, this car’s design is unique and striking. Testarossa is the last vehicle that used the original Ferrari Flat-12 engine. Unlike the updated releases for Testarossa family 512 and F512 M, where some of their machines were upgraded by the company.

Volvo 850R

All of Volvo’s 850 versions use a 2.3-liter five-cylinder engine, but the engine of 850 R is another story. It has a big turbocharger, and it’s extremely powerful. Even though Volvo hasn’t made a massive prevalence among other cars, the professional collectors will know a Volvo 850R collectible car value. It’s a matter of some years, and this car will prove to be the best collectible car for future investments.

Ford Focus RS

Because the Ford Focus RS numbers are limited worldwide, all collectors view this car as the missed masterpiece of their classic and collectible cars collection. This Ford isn’t only rare and nearly impossible to find but has a set of competitive features such as an all-wheel-drive standard, a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, and a six-speed manual transmission.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo first saw the light in 2014. Since then, everyone has been fascinated by this sleek sports car’s lightweight. Although Alfa’s production has stopped, everyone is still looking for this fast and powerful car, but it’s not available anymore. So, because it hasn’t been a long time since Alfa Romeo ceased production, the demand will be increasing gradually. Seize the chance!

Dodge Viper SRT

To get from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds and 100mph in 7.6 seconds, the Viper is an absolute monster. The 2008 Dodge viper value is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. This two-seat super sports car engine’s capacity is 8.4 liters, and it’s also equipped with manually adjustable seats. The new wheels’ design is noteworthy as well. 

The Main Takeaways

Many cars will become classic and collectible someday. This day might be soon or far. But, the wisdom is to look beyond the now and think about the future. The demand for these cars will increase, and they’ll be worth a fortune. So, it’s better to start learning how to spot a collectible vehicle now, then dive into the classic vehicles business. Once you locate an excellent deal, don’t think about driving the car on your own to your garage, especially if the seller is in another state. On the contrary, consider hiring a professional classic car shipping service. Tempus Logix has over 30,000 vehicles delivered in their portfolio with 1000+ positive reviews from satisfied clients.

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