What is the Fastest Car Shipping Company?

What is the Fastest Car Shipping Company?
Published on August 22, 2022

Auto transport companies face a severe challenge in providing fast, safe, affordable shipping services. However, because auto shipping is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of planning and preparations, car owners must wait for days, if not weeks, to receive their delivered vehicles. Therefore, people are trying to find the fastest car shipping company to hire.

While the searching process may be complicated, some factors affect the transportation speed and help determine the best service provider to deal with.

The Company’s Reliability and Operational Size

Conducting background checks for the company is a must before looking for further details about the service.

  • Legal situation: the company must have an authorized MC number to operate legally, following safety and insurance regulations set by FMCSA.
  • Extensive experience: it is essential to verify if the company has considerable expertise by checking its track record, which is the easiest way to know how many successful transport operations they have accomplished.
  • Equipment availability: They should maintain all necessary equipment, tools, and experienced staff to efficiently carry out the transportation process.

After confirming whether or not the company is trustworthy, it is time to evaluate its shipping speed mainly through customer reviews that reflect the company’s reputation in the industry. The fastest car shipping company runs large operations with a network covering an entire area, guaranteeing accurate pickup and drop-off dates.

Tempus Logix offers affordable and timely car auto shipping services across the United States. The company has collected over a thousand online reviews from satisfied clients and transported more than 30,000 vehicles across the United States.

Precise Shipping Details

The fastest car shipping company must provide accurate details about car owners’ responsibilities and what they should expect when they book a specific shipping service. If there is any missing piece of information, it may lead to an unavoidable delay. Thus, the auto transport company will also ask for all information related to:

  • The wanted service type
  • Pickup and drop-off locations
  • What transport method to use
  • Car model and operational status

Pick up and Drop off Locations

Auto transport companies give significant importance to location since it plays an essential role in deciding the best transportation option. If the car owner wants to choose door-to-door transportation, they may need to wait longer to get their car picked up because the more circuitous route the carrier takes, the longer the process will be.

In addition, shipping a car from rural areas or narrow streets makes it more difficult – if not impossible – for transport trailers to reach the loading point. Therefore, in this case, the fastest car shipping company will advise their customers to change locations.

Transporting Method

Auto-shipping is implemented using open and enclosed trailers. Open car transport is easier to find and more economical since open carriers’ capacity is more extensive than enclosed ones so that it can load more cars simultaneously.

However, this advantage won’t do any favors when shipping processes are speeding up. More vehicles on board mean the carrier will have to stop more often to drop off these cars on the way. Therefore, enclosed car transport is the best choice, and the car shipping company offers guarantees faster transportation.


Paperwork is an important indicator determining the experience difference between the fastest car shipping company and others. The Department of Transport sets many regulations to organize auto transport industry operations.

For shipping companies to be able to move cars, they have to do some paperwork; if the company wasn’t experienced enough and couldn’t prepare the necessary legal documents, the shipped cars may get sent back while trying to pass the state borders resulting in delivery delay and additional storage fee.

Service Booking Date

Transport carriers can load a limited number of vehicles. If the trailer is all booked up, the car owner may have to wait for another carrier which needs a longer time to reach the pickup location, increasing both transporting time and cost.

Therefore, the service booking date is essential; the sooner the service is booked compared to the expected delivery date, the better since it helps avoid potential scheduling issues and ensures faster shipping.

Other Factors that Affect the Shipping Speed

Distance: the longer the distance, the more time it will take for the shipped cars to be delivered; even with booking a fast transportation service such as same-day car shipping, the distance will still be an issue because auto transport regulations allow the trailer driver to travel about 500 miles a day.

However, some companies may offer a team driver option which means two drivers will drive the trailer alternatingly to speed up the shipping process. 

Season: the shipping season impacts transport process speed; during summer, there will be a lot of trailer roads making pickup operations faster and easier. However, in winter, the transport cost tends to be lower than in other seasons, but the process may take longer than expected due to bad weather conditions.


Finding the fastest car shipping company requires a lot of research and comprehensive knowledge of all factors affecting transportation speed. However, many service providers are available to handle shipping your vehicle, and all you need to do is look for a reliable auto transport company.

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