Unforeseen Reasons Which Delay Vehicle Deliveries

Unforeseen Reasons Which Delay Vehicle Deliveries
Published on February 14, 2022 at 2:44 pm GMT

Sometimes, it is impossible to choose a specific delivery date for your vehicle transport order because unforeseen delays can occur during the transport. These are all delays that a driver doesn’t control, affecting your vehicle’s delivery date. Fortunately, these delays don’t happen too often, but you need to prepare for them. Delays that can affect a driver’s schedule include:

1. Traffic-Influencing Events

Traffic jams, peak-hour traffic, traffic incidents – are events that disrupt the normal flow of traffic. Events such as vehicular crashes, breakdowns, and debris in travel lanes are the most common form of incidents. In addition to blocking travel lanes physically can also influence traffic flow. Even incidents off the roadway (a fire in a building next to a highway) can be considered traffic incidents if they affect travel in the travel lanes. So that causes a significant backup on the road can delay a driver for several hours, throwing off his entire schedule for the day.

2. Weather

The auto transport industry in the US runs year-round. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every region in the United States is open year-round. Summer and winter, sunshine and rainfall, tornadoes and hurricanes, fire and snowfalls, which are common in the US, become the main reasons for vehicle shipping delays in the US. Environmental conditions can lead to changes in driver behavior that affect traffic flow. Due to reduced visibility, drivers will usually lower their speeds and increase their headway when precipitation, bright sunlight on the horizon, fog, or smoke are present. Even after the rain has ended, wet, snowy, or icy roadway surface conditions will also have the same effect.

However, shipping a vehicle is a much different endeavor during the holiday season, and finding a company that can send it during the holiday season becomes more difficult.

3. Construction

Summer is the busiest time of the year for auto transport; it’s also the busiest time for road construction! Backed-up traffic or detours due to construction can wreak havoc on a driver’s schedule.

4. Mechanical Issues

When it happens, carriers can often resolve the problem quickly, which only causes a slight delay.

Shipping can develop mechanical issues that disrupt the movement of vehicles. Depending on the severity of the malfunction, it could take a few days to resolve.

Our car shipping company will notify you when the departure of your cargo is delayed.

5. Distance Matters

The risk of breakdowns and delays increases with longer distances.

6. Number of Stops

The number of cars on a truck also matters, as the vehicle might have to make frequent stops to pick up or drop off other vehicles on the way to your destination. The more holidays your car carrier has to make, the longer shipping your car will take.

Indeed on-time delivery is one of the essential issues customers are concerned about. It is the ability to meet the customers’ requirements and deliver the vehicles or services to the customer on time.

Tempus Logix, like a car shipping company, knows these factors and how to face them to decrease the chances of delayed shipping or altering the time frames during your auto transport.

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