Reasons Why You Should Ship Your Vehicle To College

Reasons Why You Should Ship Your Vehicle To College
Published on September 6, 2021

College is a memorable experience for all students. It offers independence, autonomy, and the opportunity to become self-sufficient. Yet, the process of transitioning to a place also gives young people many anxieties.

Students must transport their belongings, possibly, hundreds, or thousands of miles, while handling the challenges of class schedules and new surroundings. With so much on their minds, the last thing they need to worry about is safely reaching college by car. Auto transport services can make the transition easier by safely and efficiently delivering their vehicle to college.

We will provide an informative guide and the main reasons to help college students and their parents make the best decision possible. Below is a clarification as to why shipping a vehicle to a college is more advantageous than just driving it there.

1. Safety 

Safety should always come first. When it is time to decide between driving for long periods or shipping a car, it is a no-brainer which option has more security precautions. Driver fatigue is involved in approximately 20% of fatal road accidents, with young drivers being particularly susceptible to driving when weary; it raises a red flag.

Besides, you are probably pressed for time as you prepare to enter college. You don’t want to leave your family too soon, but you also want to be on campus in time for move-in day and those fun pre-class activities. As a result, you’ll want to get as many won miles under your belt as possible, even if it means skipping a few rest stops and driving late into the night. And just like that, you might be a statistic in a vehicle accident, perish the thought. Consequently, to avoid the risk of tired driving, arrange for your car to be transported.

2. Cost-effective option 

Driving expenses include not only the cost of fuel but also other costs such as meals and lodging. And if your trip is longer than a few hours, chances are you’ll need to stop for a breather, which means you’ll need a hotel room for at least one night. Not to mention, if your car isn’t the most fuel-efficient, you’ll be required to make frequent stops for gas. When we consider all travel costs, it seems that car shipping is the more cost-effective option.

3. Flexibility and convenience 

Auto-shipping is also quick and easy. Rather than driving long distances, students can take a flight and have their vehicle shipped to their needed destination. 

Furthermore, long-distance driving takes time and effort. As previously stated, you should not drive in a fatigued state and preferably less than 500 miles per day. If you’re only going to another state, you might be able to complete your road trip in a single weekend. Moving from coast to coast, on the other hand, could take a week or more.

Having their vehicle shipped can even help students psychologically after they’ve spent time away with their heads buried in books. The last thing they want to do is feel more tired than they already are at the beginning of the academy year. 

4. Increasing the car’s lifespan 

Each component of an automobile, from the tires to the engine, has a set number of miles it can travel before becoming unreliable and needing to be replaced. In addition, extra miles will be displayed on the odometer when you intend to sell or trade it. Therefore, taking a long trip reduces the resale value of your car and effectively cuts one month off its life expectancy.

Because of these considerations, the mileage you put on your car while driving across the country is a crucial detail to consider.

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