Why Use Auto Shipping Brokers Instead of Carriers?

Why Use Auto Shipping Brokers Instead of Carriers?
Published on July 4, 2021

When you are looking to transport your vehicle, you have two options you can choose to book with: going directly with a carrier or picking up an auto transport broker, also known as a logistics service provider. However, before shipping your car, you need a bit of insight into how this industry works. The process can be pretty confusing if you have no idea where to start and what to consider. Today we will discuss differences between shippers and brokers and the role they play in the process of transporting your vehicle. 

Auto Shipping Carrier VS Auto Shipping Broker 

At first glance, both carriers and brokerage companies go into the same labor known as auto shipping; however, there are significant differences between these two. In simple terms, an auto carrier also referred to as an asset-based shipper, carries out shipping using its trucks. At the same time, a broker works as a mediator to help you find shippers in your neighborhood to pick up and ship your vehicle. 

Large companies that own their trucks and operate individually sometimes work with auto brokers to have extra resources and get more shipping offers. Meanwhile, compared to auto carriers with specific routing and geographical restrictions, most brokers operate and coordinate auto shipping throughout the country. 

Why Might You Want to Work with a Broker?

Extensive Network: Though carriers have their trucks and hold direct control over them, brokers offer a much extensive network to help ship your car nationwide. It means that using brokerage services to have your vehicle shipped is much easier and quicker than dealing with a direct carrier. 

Good Truckers: Relying on a legitimate broker means having an experienced and licensed trucker shipping your car. Auto brokers are industry experts, and they work exclusively with legitimate carriers. 

Unexpected Situations: When you book auto transport with a carrier, you have no protection against emergencies or unforeseen situations. For example, if the truck breaks down during the trip, you are down on your luck until fixing the issue. Meanwhile, in the same situation, a broker may offer to replace the truck without any delays. 

Flexibility: Unlike any carrier, auto brokers aren’t tied down with their fleet, meaning they can offer you shipping services irrespective of where you locate. Due to an extensive network of carriers, they may find trucks with open spots in your neighborhood and offer you a flexible pickup window. 

You Save Time: If you are looking for a stress-free shipping experience and saving your time looking for a licensed carrier or competitive prices, you need to rely on a brokerage company. Apart from being easy and quick, dealing with legitimate brokers prevents you from auto shipping scams that are too common in the US market. 

Easy to Reach: This feature mainly refers to excellent communication and good customer service that most brokerage companies try to boast. Many brokers are available 24/7 to be proactive about any problems that may happen during auto transport.

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Key Takeaways

Whether you choose to work with an auto broker or deal with a carrier directly, we suggest checking if a company is reliable and licensed. Try to get references and find genuine reviews from real customers. In many websites, such as Google, it’s pretty easy to spam with false reviews, thus opt for using reliable sources (such as BBB) to navigate reviews and make a good decision. 

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