Tempus Logix Supports College Students

Tempus Logix Supports College Students
Published on September 11, 2023 at 3:35 pm GMT

Tempus Logix celebrates International Literacy Day, emphasizing its support for learners worldwide, especially college students in the United States.

The International Literacy Day has been globally celebrated since 1967 on September 8th every year. The idea behind this event is to remind the public of the importance of literacy and to support people from around the world in literacy programs and agendas.

This day also acknowledges the role of literacy in building more sustainable societies that can participate in the development of different life fields and impact other people to change. Moreover, achieving sustainability in literacy, besides other important life factors, is among World Humanitarian Organizations’ top priorities.

Part of Tempus Logix’s celebration in this event is demonstrating its support for these organizations and their causes and recognizing their efforts to promote fairness and equality through encouraging literacy. The company’s CEO says a word on this occasion, expressing its attitude towards social and humanitarian initiatives and events:

‘On International Literacy Day, time is prime to acknowledge the importance of literacy programs, campaigns, and initiatives in addressing a critical factor for achieving sustainability goals. Literacy and education are keys that can open the doors for development and growth for societies. Nowadays, acquiring literacy in different fields of life, especially technology and new sciences, is essential for achieving personal and business success. On this occasion, we encourage promoting literacy in different fields and acknowledge its importance in sustaining individuals and societies.’

CEO of Tempus Logix, United States

How Is Tempus Logix Supporting College Students?

Tempus Logix has always been eager to demonstrate its belief in the vitality of education and support for college students in the United States. Being a college student usually comes with various responsibilities, burdens, and challenges. Therefore, the company shows its support for college students by offering them these incentives:

Fast and safe car shipping

Tempus Logix offers college students the convenience of shipping any vehicle type from and to any university in the United States. Driving a car to college can be challenging and hazardous, especially when it is in a distant state from their home. That is why collaborating with a reputable car shipper who can handle the process safely and quickly always proves a sound choice.

Delivering Vehicles to Campus

Tempus Logix further maximizes college students’ convenience and peace of mind by offering them door-to-door shipping. This service entails that the company will arrange for the pick-up of students’ cars from their home doorway and the delivery of vehicles to the campus’s parking location. It is a more suitable shipping method for students because it saves them the hassle of driving in a new state, where they are not appropriately familiar with its driving laws and conditions.

Shipping Cars to College Affordably

The most significant incentive for shipping cars to college with Tempus Logix is benefiting from the company’s competitive shipping prices, which are further cut for college students. The company provides very generous discounts for students shipping their cars from and to campus. However, there are some policies regarding these discounts as follows:

  1. Students shipping cars to college with Tempus Logix get a special discount for a one-way shipment, which is doubled for students ordering a round-trip shipment.
  2. Students organizing their vehicle shipments with others will receive a significant price cut, making for well-deserved discounts.
  3. Students must be able to verify they qualify for a discount by providing the company with copies of their college ID and other necessary documents.

Overall, International Literacy Day is an excellent chance to highlight the importance of literacy in sustaining and developing societies. It is also a reminder to support students around the world and promote a non-stop learning mentality.

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