Texas Auto Transport Companies

Texas Auto Transport Companies
Published on September 12, 2022

Texas, the Lone Star State, where the BBQ, Tex-Mex food, rich history, ranch culture, and world-class cities gather, is a unique place to spend a vacation. It’s the second largest state in the United States of America, with lots of activities to do and places to visit. So, you will need your car there.

Driving to Texas will add wear and tear to your car, expose it to different threats, and exhaust you; transporting your vehicle to the vacation destination with the help of a Texas auto transport company is the best option. Hiring a shipping company is always the safest, most convenient, and most affordable option. But before hiring any transporting company, there are many things to remember. Here are the top tips for shipping a car to Texas.

Go for an Enclosed Trailer

The climate in Texas is mostly humid and muggy, and if you’re shipping your car in June, July, or August, you have to be extra careful. Humidity and heat affect your car’s interiors and exterior dramatically. Some issues that might affect your car if driven under extreme heat for long distances are tire over-inflation and pressure, engine failure, and oil decrease. 

So, going for an open trailer will greatly threaten your car’s safety, exposing your vehicle to harsh weather conditions. So, an enclosed trailer is the safest option when shipping a car to Texas because it’s shielded and temperature controlled.

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Look for a Company that has a Local Office in Texas

Hiring an auto shipping company with an office in Texas will save you money and time. Local Texas auto transport companies can fulfill the emergence of same-day and late shipping orders as they have an organized and well-distributed network of carriers to meet clients’ demands anywhere, anytime. In addition, hiring a local Texas auto transport company is money-saving and economical because of the logistics cost being cut out. 

You can also go for an auto transport broker because they’ll have a vast knowledge of all shipping carriers across the states and can arrange your Texas car shipping order with a suitable and reputable carrier, in addition to negotiating the best price for you. Tempus Logix offers the opportunity to get an instant vehicle shipping quote online via the company’s website, and that would save you time and effort.

Book in Advance 

Whether you hire a local or outsider Texas auto transport company, placing the order at least a week before will guarantee your car will arrive at the exact time of your vacation.

Booking in advance is a must with an outsider shipping company because making the arrangements usually takes longer than a local company. In addition, if you book your shipping service as early as possible, it’s more likely to receive the lowest prices, unlike last-minute shipping orders, which are more costly.

Take Precautions 

Whether you hire an enclosed or open carrier, you cannot blindly trust any Texas auto transport company. Accidents happen, and your car’s exterior might get damaged due to collisions with other cars or floods.

So, you must take a video, and many pictures of your car showcasing all the current scratches, dents, and hollows on its exterior and file it with the bill of Lading. This video will be proof of your car’s pre-shipping condition. So, if any new damage occurred during shipping, you can prove it and claim insurance coverage.

It’s worth noting that no Texas auto transport company takes responsibility for possessions lost during the shipment. So, no matter how many pictures and videos you take of your belongings in the car, the company won’t cover them if they’re lost. Rather, it’s your responsibility to empty your vehicle from all precious belongings and car accessories. 

Know Your Options

All Texas auto transport companies give their clients a choice for the shipping service they prefer, door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. So, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of both is essential before placing your order. 

Door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal?

Door-to-door shipping service

This shipping service is convenient and stress-free. The Texas auto transport company picks up your car right from your house and drops it off at your house or hotel’s door in Texas. So, you won’t need to go to the terminal to pick it up. 

Logically, this convenient service isn’t cheap; rather, it’s more expensive than the other shipment service, terminal-to-terminal. So, if your budget is generous and you don’t want to waste precious vacation time running from your accommodation to the terminal and vice versa, door-to-door shipping service is for you. 

Terminal-to-terminal shipping service

As for the terminal-to-terminal shipping service, it’s a bit demanding and stressful. You must drive your car to the terminal, which will be hauled on a trailer and shipped to Texas’s terminal. You should also pick it up in person when it arrives in Texas. 

Not all Texas auto transport companies are still offering this service. But, if the company you hired uses terminals, it will save you some money. But you have to be ready to deal with many inconveniences along the way. 

The Bottom Line

Your vacation in Texas will be free and easy if you hire a reputable Texas auto transport company. You will be able to explore all of Texas’ attractions without stressing over transportation, and you will have your car with you!

Remember our tips for shipping a car to Texas and enjoy your vacation. 

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