Top Advantages of Enclosed Auto Transport

Top Advantages of Enclosed Auto Transport
Published on May 1, 2022

If you want to transport your car, you must have heard of auto transport companies and their two options to move the vehicles. The first is open auto transport, which involves loading the cars on open trailers, exposing them to external factors like weather conditions and road hazards. The second option is enclosed auto transport. This method has many advantages, especially if the vehicle is unique or a collectible car; these vehicles require more attention and much more care than normal ones.

However, shipping cars requires learning about the ins and outs of the process, and here are the top advantages of enclosed auto transport:

1. Enclosed trailers offer more protection

With enclosed transport, the cars are shipped using a fully-enclosed trailer, ensuring complete protection from all outdoor elements that could cause damage to the transported vehicles.

There are two types of enclosed trailers depending on the materials used to manufacture them; hard-shell trailers are made of rigid materials such as aluminum, tin, and fiberglass. The second form is soft-shell carriers. Those carriers are made of durable materials like the former ones, but the rigid materials are found at the top, back, and front, while the sides are made of durable canvas; due to the different materials, hard-shell carriers afford a higher degree of protection.

2. Enclosed trailers are smaller and don’t fit many cars

The enclosed carriers are usually the same size as the open carriers, but since they are fully enclosed from the sides, they can’t fit to load as many cars as the open ones. At the same time, the latter can ship up to 10 vehicles; the enclosed carriers only load up to 8 vehicles at once.

So covered trucks mean less space inside; this is one significant advantage because the smaller the size and the space inside the carrier, the safer it is for the car since it prevents the vehicle from moving and shaking during the transportation process and clamps it in place.  

3. More security and privacy

Enclosed carriers offer security features that aren’t available in open auto transport methods. They are equipped with a hydraulic lift making them different from the open trailers.

The lift can drop down to the ground to allow a horizontal load for the vehicles—it provides more safety for all cars, especially the low-clearance types. A drip pan is also equipped within the enclosed carriers.

There are different capacities for enclosed trailers:

  1. One-level, one-car trailers
  2. One-level, multi-car trailers
  3. Multi-level, multi-car trailers

The last one can load 7-8 vehicles organized in two rows, one above the other. Here comes the importance of the drip pans to protect the cars on the bottom level from the fluids that might drip from the upper-level cars.

4. Professional drivers

Since enclosed auto transport is better for classic and collectible cars, the carrier’s drivers are highly qualified. They have a rich experience in taking care of precious vehicles; they are well trained to drive carefully on the roads and ensure the safety of the cars during the transportation process.

Tempus Logix is a brokerage company in the vehicle shipping industry with a record of over 45 million miles driven nationwide. The company offers a comprehensive set of services in the automobile transportation industry. Due to its vast network of service providers across the states, the company provides all kinds of enclosed trailers for different purposes in addition to professional drivers.

5. Privacy

One more significant advantage the enclosed carriers offer is privacy. Suppose you have a rare car that requires transportation, and you don’t feel comfortable with people staring at your valuable car or maybe taking a photo of it. In that case, it’s very recommended to go with an enclosed transportation service to ensure the highest level of privacy.

6. White glove transportation option

Since enclosed transportation service is oriented to meet the needs of customers who have rare and expensive vehicles, some companies offer the white glove transport option, a top-rated service with the best transport methods and tools and the best customer service possible.

It is a premium automobile transportation service that you can get for an extra cost to guarantee the vehicle receives all the care and attention it deserves while being moved; the service includes many features such as door to door delivery, all-time tracking, and personalized options to ensure safe car transportation on time.

7. The best choice for expensive cars

You might have figured by now that enclosed auto transport is the best choice when it comes to shipping classic and collectible cars, but here are some additional reasons why you should probably get this service instead of open auto transport:

Various choices: it provides more choices when it comes to booking the service; since it is used by limited cars owners, which allows more flexibility to set pickups and unloading times that are suitable for the customer, still it is crucial to arrange the service time with the company to fit with your schedule a few days or even weeks ahead.

Instant contact: some auto transport companies provide the ability to contact the driver directly, so they keep clients updated about the car situation.

Insurance: auto transport companies provide insurance that covers a specific type of damage caused by the transportation process. Ask about the insurance and all documents required to benefit from this service.


If you are looking for the perfect method to transport your collectible car for any reason, make sure you are fully aware of these methods’ features. Enclosed auto transport is the best safety, security, and privacy option. Shipping companies have a lot of confidence in offering these services to ensure a safe trip for unique vehicles and deliver them to their destination at the best status.

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