Tips to Prepare Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle for Transportation

Tips to Prepare Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle for Transportation
Published on May 1, 2022 at 4:59 pm GMT

When you reach the stage of transporting goods in any business, you feel concerned. The process of transportation is not easy and carries many risks. Still, if the shipment is your heavy-duty vehicle, the situation will undoubtedly be more complex, and your concerns will double. Here are the top tips to prepare your heavy-duty vehicle for transportation.

Wash and Clean Your Vehicle

Cleaning is the first step the owner should take before shipping the heavy-duty vehicle, whether it is a trailer, truck, bulldozer, crane, or hauler. Any scratches, dents, dings, paint chips, or paint marks may appear dust-covered when you wash the vehicle. Washing and cleaning before preparing it for shipment uncover the heavy-duty vehicle value and make it easy to see any damage during its condition report.

The person who usually takes the heavy-duty vehicle for shipment prepares a condition report. Hence, it is preferable to prepare this report while the heavy-duty vehicle is in clean condition. Don’t forget to clean it from the inside and remove anything unsecured such as phone holder, charger, DVD/CD Players, GPS device, etc. Latch the doors, fold the mirrors, and remove accessories such as fire extinguishing cylinders, toolbox, and spare tires.

Take Pictures of Your Vehicle

Take multiple photos after cleaning and washing the heavy-duty vehicle. Make sure your photos and videos cover the entire vehicle from different angles to ensure you have what proves the condition before the heavy-duty vehicle transportation. After the vehicle arrives at the final destination, you need to check it and confirm no additional harm happened during the transportation process.

Use One of the Anti-Rust Methods

Heavy-duty vehicle transport is always open to various weather factors such as rain and dust, which will disclose it to rust and corrosion unless you take good care of your vehicle before shipping, so it is better to do one of the following ways to protect it. You can also consult the auto transportation company about the best possible solution for this purpose.

Galvanizing the vehicle

You can protect your vehicle with a layer of pure zinc and steel that can last for years without peeling, and it doesn’t only protect the heavy-duty vehicle from rust and corrosion but reduces jostling because it absorbs shocks. This rust-proofing method is the most recommended one.

Plating the Vehicle

To plate your vehicle means to cover it with a layer of tin and zinc to protect it from corrosion and rust.

Painting the Vehicle

Painting your vehicle means creating a layer covering the vehicle’s top with paint. Oil-based painting is the most used type because it resists severe weather conditions and humidity. However, be careful that oil-based paintings are more challenging to remove than water-based paintings, and it requires a solvent or degreaser to remove them.

Check Battery and Tire Pressure, and Check for Leaks

Before loading your heavy-duty vehicle and preparing it for transport:

  1. Ensure the battery is charged and secured, and then disconnect the battery so that it does not drain.
  2. In addition, make certain the tires are in good condition before transportation to avoid running into dangers. If the tires are over-inflated or under-inflated, this will cause damage to the vehicle, especially when loading and unloading, so make sure the tires are in an ideal and good condition to avoid any possible damage.
  3. Check the state of the heavy-duty vehicle to see if there are any fluid leaks. Inspect the entire undercarriage to ensure there is no leakage. If you find anything, you must repair it immediately before transportation because most heavy-duty transport companies refuse to transport any vehicle that leaks. If you can’t fix the leakage, you must inform the carrier. A reliable heavy-duty car transport company will take appropriate measures.

Check the Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of the heavy-duty vehicle should not be full because it makes it heavier and can be risky too. Provide your tank with little fuel for transport.

Prepare Yourself for the Risks

Transporting heavy-duty vehicles is more complicated than any car or heavy machinery, so you must be aware in advance that the process is risky. Try to communicate with an expert in this field to be present during loading. Ensure that you are dealing with a reliable heavy-duty transport company with good and long experience in transporting heavy-duty vehicles and heavy machinery. Contact an appraiser to evaluate heavy-duty car shipping costs, which will benefit you later in the insurance policy.

Tempus Logix is a trustworthy heavy-duty vehicles transportation company with over 1000 successful and satisfied clients in this field only. In addition to a long record in automobile transportation across the US.


Heavy-duty vehicles include all large-sized and heavy machinery such as bulldozers, trailers, cranes, trucks, haulers, winches, locomotives, and more. Heavy-duty vehicle shipping cost is considered expensive. In addition, the whole process is complicated and dangerous. So, you must be aware of these matters in advance. Hire one of the reliable heavy-duty vehicle transport companies, and follow the safety procedures and tips mentioned above to avoid risks or any damage that may affect the vehicle.

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