Money-Saving Tips When Auto Shipping in the US

Money-Saving Tips When Auto Shipping in the US
Published on August 10, 2022

When deciding on auto shipping in the US, one of the first asked questions will be, “how much should I pay to transport my vehicle?” 

There is no definitive answer to this question since auto shipping in the US costs depends on many aspects, several of which are out of the client’s control. But there are still many things a car owner might do to reduce a car’s shipping cost.

Choose Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

Door-to-door transport is more convenient, but it is more expensive than terminal-to-terminal. If a client goes to the door-to-door service, a driver will pick up their car and deliver it to a specific station where other vehicles are being stored and waiting to be taken by their owners. 

On the other hand, the terminal-to-terminal service is more economical. Because the trailer driver won’t have to pick up every car separately, which helps save time and other resources when auto shipping in the US.

Car owners must research a nearby terminal and drive their cars there, where the auto transport company will take care of the rest. To make the most of this economical service, car owners should pick up their car as soon as it arrives at its last destination. Any delay will increase the cost since the storage costs are high. 

Flexible Pickup and Drop-Off Dates

Even though most auto transport companies will let the vehicle owners choose pickup and delivery dates that suit their schedule, this option will cost more. Therefore, being flexible about the delivery date can save a great deal of money.

By that, the company will easily arrange pickup and drop-off dates on their schedule or get the car shipped on one of the not-too-busy days. In addition, they may also offer a discount, minimizing the overall shipping cost. 

Select an Open Transport Trailer

Auto shipping in the US is implemented using open or enclosed auto transport; each method has features. Enclosed trailers provide the utmost protection against all external factors, and it fits a humble number of cars, and the shipping cost will be more expensive. So, clients should only consider enclosed trailers if their cars are luxury, classical, or newly painted.

On the other hand, open trailers are widely available, more affordable, and most favored among customers. An open trailer doesn’t provide complete protection to shipped cars, but it’s the wisest call for short trips and ordinary cars.

Shipping Time

If the vehicle shipping is not urgent, it is recommended to wait till the offseason to get it transported. The auto transport industry is greatly affected by seasonal changes; therefore, the time of year significantly impacts auto shipping in the US.

Shipping processes are being carried out during the year, but there are few months when auto shipping in the US witnesses high demand driving the overall cost up, especially in summer. So, to cut the auto shipping cost, car owners should always avoid shipping their vehicles during peak seasons.

Find a Reliable Auto Transport Company

Everyone wants to get an auto shipping service for a low price. Still, owners should remember that transportation requires serious planning, paperwork, extensive experience, and many resources. So, trustworthy companies can’t offer their services at a very low price. 

For a client to ensure the company is trustworthy, it’s essential to review multiple companies and confirm they meet all criteria:

  • A qualified company will provide its authorized MC number to prove its legitimacy.
  • A dependable auto transport company provides a free cost calculator on its website. This free tool will help clients get an insight into the company’s shipping prices without trouble calling or visiting their office.
  • A trusted company has a good reputation in the market. It also has positive reviews from past clients.

Other Auto Shipping in the US Costs to Consider

Vehicles operable condition: transporting an inoperable car requires special equipment to perform successful loading and unloading operations, adding extra cost to the bill. The same goes for vehicles that have some mechanical malfunctions or fluid leaks. If the car owners decide to ship their cars without repairing them first, they will have to pay more to cover the additional transportation precautions.

Some people think of insurance as a factor that increases the shipping cost, but that is not the case. Insurance aims to protect their precious vehicles from damage that may occur due to unforeseen events. Thus, spending a bit more to get good insurance will help to save a lot of money if something unfortunate happens.


The factors that play an important role in determining the cost of auto shipping in the US depend on customers’ preferences. Therefore, car owners can use the listed above money-saving tips to lower their transportation costs. The most important rule is to not become obsessed with finding a less expensive auto transport service because once you start focusing only on the price, you will ignore the quality and end up with a bad service provider.

Contact Tempus Logix for an affordable instant auto transportation price offer. The company’s team is always ready to offer best-in-class services using suitable trailers and reasonably priced equipment. You can also question agents about various shipping costs and factors to fully understand the process and its costs.

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