Common Challenges Associated with Motorcycle Transport

Common Challenges Associated with Motorcycle Transport
Published on September 7, 2021

If you are shipping for the first time, it’s not easy to entrust your prized motorcycle to a company you are unfamiliar with, whether you want it for a local move or to get delivered to another state. Additionally, anxiety may exacerbate when you become more familiar with challenges and common mistakes that arise when shipping your motorcycle.

However, you may relieve the stress of having your motorcycle shipped across the country by having a reliable vehicle transport company, like Tempus Logix, do it for you. Of course, it’s pretty difficult to anticipate all potential issues accompanying the motorbike transport process. Still, here we have made up a list of the most common difficulties you may encounter during it. 

Delayed Delivery

Failure to deliver the motor vehicle on schedule is one of the most prevalent issues with transport companies. However, falling behind on agreed delivery time is not necessarily a carrier’s fault since various factors, such as extreme weather, traffic jams, or accidents, may come in the way. Depending on the cause, the delay might be from hours to days to weeks, but the shipper should contact the customer to detail the issue and make some form of compensation. Examples of it can be a discount for the next shipment or lowered expense for the current transaction. 

Considering a Suitable Motorcycle Transport

With so many transport companies nationwide offering motorcycle shipping, an internet search may rapidly become overwhelming. Plus, it’s also possible to misinterpret the information and decide on the wrong company. For instance, when it comes to motorbike transport, the first question you should ask yourself is if the company you’re considering is a shipper or a brokerage organization. Working with a broker may save you the time and effort of calling multiple shippers and comparing prices to locate the best choice for you. A reputable broker will go through your preferred options, head for answers to all your queries, and help you decide on the shipper. The process happens faster when having brokers do the service because they virtually have an unlimited network of drivers, conversely to shippers with their trucks.

Study Pick-Up and Delivery Options

A broker may also assist you to consider whether you need door-to-door delivery or transportation between distribution centers, whether you need an open or enclosed trailer or when to choose pick-up and delivery dates. When shipping your bike, one of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make is whether to choose an open car shipping or enclosed auto transport. Whereas an open carrier exposes your motorcycle to external dangers, an enclosed trailer gives peace of mind and adds more protection against the weather and road debris. If the distance carried by a driver is relatively short, an open trailer may be fine, but over long distances, an enclosed trailer may be a better option for motorcycles.

Mistakes to Avoid During a Motorbike Shipping  

Failure to Provide Necessary Documentation: When you arrange to transport your motorbike, the shipping company will likely require mandatory documentation, such as vehicle registration. Thus, if you don’t want to delay the shipping process, we strongly advise having the necessary documentation right at hand. At the pick-up location, the carrier will check your motorbike for any existing damage or scratches. You may observe the driver inspecting it for both of you to mentally record the condition before it gets into/onto the trailer. Also, make sure everything reflects on the final report, BOL. This document is proof of your motorcycle’s initial condition.

Insurance: Having an insurance policy when shipping your motorcycle is not legally required. According to the US Department of Transportation, carriers are responsible for having liability insurance. However, this only applies to the actual carrier companies and not the brokers that organize the logistics. Also, be informed that personal belongings left in the car are not subject to insurance coverage. Check with the auto transport company to know what is covered and what is not. Please make sure the insurance amount is proportional to the cost of the motor vehicle. Not all companies can handle the expensive load. 

Considering Motorcycle Shipping Cost: Companies that advertise inexpensive rates for moving your motorcycle may sound attractive, but you should know what you’re getting for your money. The cheapest alternatives aren’t necessarily the best; in fact, they might occasionally indicate inferior quality. Open transport, for example, might save money on shipping, but it’s not always the best solution for keeping your two-wheeler safe. Before making any motorcycle transport arrangements, consider the distance between drop-off and pick-up locations, the number of stops along the trip, and other variables impacting safety at the expense of a low price.

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