Auto Shipping for Leased or Financed Vehicles

Auto Shipping for Leased or Financed Vehicles
Published on March 9, 2023 at 1:14 am GMT

The independence and freedom of mobility that cars provide have made owning one an inevitable need. Cars save people the stress and trouble of public transportation, allow convenient traveling, and the list goes long.

However, with the average price of a new car in the United States being $49,000 nowadays, those with limited income won’t be able to purchase a car with their credit card. So, alternative solutions come into handy, leased and financed cars. Even though they can save money and ensure paying convenience, these solutions come with some worries and restrictions. 

Those who run leased or financed cars will always be increasingly preoccupied with their vehicle’s safety, as they don’t fully own the asset they’re operating. Any damage, even if minimal, will cost them a fortune.

Many overlook auto transport services when running a leased or financed car to minimize accidents and keep their car safe, even if the situation requires the help of an auto transport company. However, even though the procedures for transporting a leased or financed car differ slightly from regularly owned cars, auto transport is possible and safe by following the tips mentioned below. 

Critical Procedures for Shipping a Leased or Financed Vehicle

Procedures for shipping a leased or financed car are relatively similar and include the following:

1.      Read the Lease or Loan Contract 

Lease or loan contracts are the guidelines that will put one on the right track; all contracts must include a section that explains all allowed and forbidden actions regarding car transport. 

Some contracts even forbid moving the car anywhere outside an agreed location. So, going through the contract terms and conditions must be the first step before moving. Getting this step done as soon as possible will allow time for negotiating with the car lessor or loaner in case of any restrictions in the contract.

2.      Prepare the Required Documents 

Some auto transport companies require specific documents for transporting a leased or financed vehicle, and that’s to disclaim their responsibility for any incident. So, contacting the transport company and getting enlightened regarding their strategy is necessary.

In addition, each state imposes different laws regarding transporting leased and financed cars. So, one must know the laws in pick-up and drop-off state locations. 

3.      Collaborate with a Reputable Auto Transport Company 

The slightest damage to a leased or financed car will cost the concerned party an arm and a leg. Thus, the company assigned the transport job must have a solid reputation and long years of experience.

Tempus Logix is one of the leading auto transport companies in the industry. It has all it takes to ship any car under the safest circumstances, from the wide network of seasoned drivers to the caring and experienced support team.

How to Prepare a Financed or Leased Car for Shipping?

A car’s driver isn’t the only party concerned with the vehicle’s safety; rather, the loaner or the owner will be very attentive to anything threatening the shipped car. As a result, a client must take all the possible precautions to ensure the shipped car’s safety, and they include:

1.      Cleaning the Car’s External Spotlessly

Auto transport is a risky process, and accident possibilities are always there, but they could be minimized by collaborating with a dependable auto transport company. A scratch, dent, or discoloration could happen for any car; however, in the case of a financed or a leased car, the party concerned will never overlook such an issue.

So, the client must take the right precautions by spotlessly cleaning the car’s body. By that, both the transporter and the client will be conversant with the vehicle’s pre-shipping state, allowing for granting insurance coverage if any additional issue is observed.

2.      Having it Checked by a Mechanic

Rented cars, in particular, might have been through a lot and driven by many renters. Thus, many hidden mechanical issues might emerge during the transport, involving the lessee with unfavorable trouble. So, to avoid such unpleasant scenarios, consulting a professional mechanic about the car’s status and confirming whether it can go through the trip safely or not is highly recommended. 

3.      Remove Accessories 

Regardless of whether they’re the renter’s accessories or the lessee’s, leaving such expensive, exposed items without security will drag the attention of thieves. Possibilities of theft double if the vehicle is transported on an open trailer.

All auto transport companies don’t bear responsibility for losing accessories or loose items; that’s an essential thing to remember. So, accessories could be removed completely. 

The Bottom Line

The spread beliefs about the danger of auto transport services are false; safely transporting a car is possible and accessible only by hiring the right service provider and properly preparing the vehicle for the trip that’s about to undertake.

Whether owned, leased, or financed, the process is relatively similar, and no further concerns are needed; a reputable auto transport company will complete the job as 1,2,3.

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