How to Ship a Bulldozer from One State to Another

How to Ship a Bulldozer from One State to Another
Published on May 2, 2022 at 4:57 am GMT

Heavy equipment transportation requires different transport services; bulldozers are heavy tractors equipped with metal blades to push rocks or other materials found on construction sites.

Usually, moving bulldozers from one location to another is vital for different reasons, including performing jobs or selling the heavy-duty vehicles. Many shipping companies provide a heavy hauler service with professional transporting teams, and skilled drivers specialized in heavy equipment transport. There are a few things to know about transporting bulldozers using these vehicle shipping services, and this article will help you become thoroughly knowledgeable about the whole process.

Find a reliable bulldozer transport company

You will face some challenges if you think of transporting your bulldozer from one state to another. Still, the main one is to find a reliable bulldozer transport company that you can assign this task to without any concerns.

There are many bulldozer transport companies, which makes it challenging to choose one. However, a good company must be licensed, have permits to perform legally all over the states, and have the necessary equipment and tools and a professional team to provide a perfect service and satisfactory results. The bulldozer transport company must also offer insurance documents that include all details about the damage they are willing to cover in case of accidents.

Tempus Logix is a professional heavy-duty transportation company with over 1000 positive reviews from satisfied clients. Moreover, it’s easy to calculate transportation costs using an heavy equipment shipping calculator on the company’s website.

Select the suitable transport method

There are two types of transport trailers:

  1. Enclosed trailers are carriers that provide complete protection for the shipped vehicles.
  2. Open trailers are carriers that don’t have any side covers, and it is only covered from the front, and some of them have a back cover.

The best choice for bulldozer transport is an open carrier, but even those carriers do have various types you need to choose from depending on your vehicle size; if you have a small bulldozer, it is suitable to use a single vehicle flatbed trailer, but for larger dozers, it is necessary to go with Gooseneck trailer.

Tip: If the dozer is being shipped along with its attachment, ensure the blades face backward.

Keep the attachments in mind

There are different types of blades attached to bulldozers, and some of them are smaller than others. The straight and semi-U edges can travel alongside the bulldozer, while the universal blade and angle blade must be detached and shipped separately.

How to calculate the cost

There are several factors involved in determining the suitable bulldozer shipping cost.

  • Size and weight: the more the vehicle weight, the more it will cost to be transported; if it’s oversized, it becomes necessary to get an oversize permit to be able to transport the bulldozer from one state to another; of course, the shipping company can help you with the process.
  • The height and length: in addition to the increase in cost, it is essential to remove the cab before the bulldozer transport and maintain a reasonable distance for safety reasons. If the length is over 53 feet, you need a loading permit.
  • The distance: it is very reasonable that bulldozer shipping cost will increase the farther the destination is, especially if the dozer is big and needs to be shipped using a Gooseneck trailer; those trailers are pretty large, so they have to follow certain roads to reach the destination point.
  • Expected time for arrival: you can decide when you want the dozer to arrive at its destination; the shorter the period, the more it will cost. That is why it is essential to schedule the transportation time with the company a few weeks earlier.

Prepare the bulldozer before the transportation process

There are many steps to follow if you want to ensure correct preparation. Check these points below:

  • The battery: after the bulldozer is loaded on the trailer board, disconnect the battery, to keep the charge from being drained during the journey. Otherwise, when the dozer finally arrives, you might have some difficulties starting it and unloading it off the trailer.
  • Lock the doors: since bulldozers are being moved using open carriers, it is safer to latch the doors and tie them if needed to ensure they won’t open during the transportation process.
  • Cover the dozer: again, since open carriers are the most reliable bulldozer transport type, the heavy-duty vehicle will be exposed to outdoor elements such as dust and rain that might get stuck in the engine or any other important part.
  • Remove all personal stuff: if you by any chance left some unique things inside the dozer, make sure to get them out of the vehicle, some bulldozer transport companies do have few restrictions when it comes to personal items, and they don’t take any responsibility if something gets missing during the drive.
  • Document the dozer pre-transport status: this step is very important to guarantee the safety of your vehicle; take some time to examine the bulldozer and take notes of all existing damage. It is also good to take some pictures of it, give these documents to the shipping company and make sure they approve it so they can be responsible for any changes during the moving process.


If you want to haul your bulldozer, choose a qualified company, set your budget, prepare the dozer for the trip, and remember that heavy vehicles require special equipment to guarantee a safe bulldozer transportation process.

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