Top 8 Tips for Buying a Car at an Auction

Top 8 Tips for Buying a Car at an Auction
Published on March 2, 2023

A car auction is a great place for buying a used car for half of its worth; the incredible selections a buyer gets when shopping from an auction are unparalleled, as well. And regardless of whether one is looking for a classic or regular car, auctions, in all their types, cater to every buyer’s needs.

But to get the best out of a car auction and ensure that they do not get confused or played, there’s some advice a buyer must bear in mind. Here’re the top eight tips to remember before going to a car auction.

1.      Establish a Realistic Budget

“How much am I willing to pay for a vehicle?” is a very important question to ask before looking for a car in an auction. Considering a price range will help narrow down the options and direct buyers to vehicles that match their budget and expectations.

However, before establishing a budget, a buyer must look through vehicles’ prices in an auction and how much they must allocate to guarantee they find a car up to their budget.

2.      Study Available Options in Advance

Any auction, no matter how small, will boast a variety of cars of different models, sizes, capacities, etc.; this variety, actually, might distract a buyer and make them scratch their head about which is the perfect vehicle to purchase.

This scenario can be avoided by preparing for the auction in advance; a buyer can access the available vehicle in an auction online through an auction website. By that, one will get the chance to study available options, scale them down, and settle for a number of cars to examine them closely. 

3.      Consult a Professional 

Those who shop from auctions aren’t necessarily experts who know each and every part of a car and know how to identify the good from the bad. Instead, they could be ordinary people with humble knowledge of the wide field of cars.

So, going to an auction with that humble knowledge and determination to purchase a vehicle might not bring a buyer the best outcomes; they might be deceived. Thus, a buyer must consult a professional by bringing them on board to the auction or consulting them online; an expert might only spot many hidden issues and unconsidered car problems.

4.      Keep your Ears Open

Before an auctioneer listens to bids, they will read out details and descriptions about the car. Having open ears and paying attention to each word an auctioneer says at this point is crucially important, as it might make or break the deal. 

5.      Be Flexible 

It happens that one finds their dream car in an auction and pins all their hopes, and allocates all the money they have and don’t have for it. Some buyers get increasingly carried away that they’re willing to pay way more than the car’s actual worth only because they don’t want anyone else to own it.

However, that’s dangerous and might cost them a fortune. So, one has to be prepared for such scenarios and be ready to let go of a great car to keep their budget balanced.

6.      Be Patient 

No matter how tempting the vehicle and its price might be, the gravest mistake is to bid too soon and accept the initial bid. What happens is that the auctioneer needs an initial price to start with; this price is usually high and will be reduced as long as no one accepts the bid. So, it’s better to be patient and wait till the price is more affordable.

7.      Don’t be Deceived 

Sellers work so hard to make their cars look attractive, new, and tempting, and that’s by polishing, painting, and glazing it, in an attempt to make it look new. The car’s exterior, however, shouldn’t be all that matters; rather, it should be given an eye after examining its mileage, the accidents it has been involved in, engine, battery, etc.

8.      Hire a Reliable Auto Transport Company 

One must be prepared to go to an auction with a car purchase in mind. If lucky enough to get matched with a good car, a buyer must have a plan for delivery to its new place. Some people resort to affordable solutions by driving their new car home; however, when the auction is distant, and this solution isn’t on the table, hiring an auto transport company is the safest option. 

Dealing with a dependable auto transport company at this stage is critical, as no one would be happy getting their new car damaged on the way. Tempus Logix, an eight-year-old auto transport company, is a good option for delivering a car to its new home. The company operates across the United States and has long experience shipping all types of vehicles.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a car from an auction could be a great challenge, especially for someone shopping there for the first time. However, by getting to know the process and the most important tips we put together in the article above, the purchase will go way smoother and more convenient.

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