Snowbirds Checklist for a Stress-free Vacation

Snowbirds Checklist for a Stress-free Vacation
Published on October 21, 2022

Most people can relate to how long rainy, and snowy days can ruin a perfect vacation. For them, sun-kissed beaches are an ideal alternative to snow-covered lawns for winter vacations. The tradition of seeking warmer places has broadened the term of snowbirds to include more than just dark-eyed junco birds. 

Temporarily traveling to pleasant, warmer places in the south is life-saving for some American retirees or families. Yet, leaving home for a while can be a stressful experience. To solve such a problem, we must prepare in advance. 

Snowbirds Preparation for a Stress-Free Vacation

The overwhelming procedures of packing, cleaning, winterizing the home, and car transport seem like climbing a mountain. We will have to deal with them step by step to ease this process. The following inclusive snowbird checklist for a stress-free vacation can guide us through the journey:

Winterize your home

A. Shut off your major water valve and drain all pipes

To prevent pipe bursts, flooding, and mold, shut off the water supply at the source and empty all excess liquid. Plus, deal with freezing and cracks in advance by using non-toxic antifreeze in plumbing traps and toilets. 

B. Adjust the thermostat

The chance of pipes breaking or freezing in winter is high. Hence, adjusting the temperature to 15 degrees will minimize the risk.

C. Turn off power

Ensure gas and other power supplies are off because a gas line left running can cause a gas leak resulting in numerous disasters, including an explosion. Not to mention that electricity should remain on for the thermostat, but anything else should be turned off and unplugged. Any small item, such as a charger, can lead to unexpected huge damage!  

D. Close-up for winter

Locking your windows, fireplace, and flue should be the first thing to cross your mind when closing up. In this case, double or triple checks are a must. Plus, seal off all the doors, entrances, or windows of the house to prevent snow, cold air, rain, or even animals from getting in.


Packing is probably the most overwhelming step of vacation preparation. However, with a packing list, you will guarantee that nothing will slip your mind. Medications, prescriptions, and healthcare records should top the list. Identifications, passports, and travel documents are of great importance, as well. Then, a detailed checklist of linen, clothing, and whatever is shared between your home and your vacation residence should not be missed.


Leaving your house closed for a long time will leave it dusty and dirty. So, you better clean it before heading to your vacation destination. Start with the laundry; dry, fold, and put away. Then move to the fridge and freezer. Leave them clean and empty with the doors open if possible. Otherwise, store any food items left in zipper bags.

Moreover, it is wise to ask for professional cleaners to help inspect the chimney and the fireplace accurately. It is not bad to install a chimney cap to block rainwater and prevent birds from nesting inside. Lastly, collect all the garbage and take it out after cleaning the garbage cans. By doing so, the house will maintain a good condition until your home sweet home returns.

Transport your vehicle

Having packed everything, you should not miss your valuable ride. Driving from the south to the north is tiresome and stressful. Hence, you will need your car with you. Thorough research can lead you to the most professional companies. With the help of experts, transporting a vehicle can go smoothly. 

Tempus Logix is among the best car shipping companies, and it has successfully handled the delivery of over 30.000 vehicles across the US. The service of such a trustworthy car transport company makes transporting your car efficiently out of the question.

Read about How to Choose a Car Shipping Company.

Secure your home

An empty house for a long time might seem like a very attractive spot to break into. So, you better go the extra mile by securing it the best way possible. 

To enjoy your vacation worries-free, consider the following tips:

A. Install a security system

Regarding security systems, we have two main choices:

The first is a professional, automatic security system with a significant price tag. While the second is a DIY home security system, which is cheaper but requires setting it up yourself, as the name suggests.

B. Make your home look occupied.

It is an old-school trick that proved to work many times. Burglars usually avoid breaking into houses that appear lived in. So, normalizing the movement around that house while you are away is the key.

To give such an impression, keep the snow plowed regularly. Moreover, set an automatic timer for the internal and external lights while trying to vary the hours and rooms lit.

The Bottom Line

As a snowbird, a winter vacation is a getaway from the gloomy weather and depressing vibes. But this vacation can’t be relaxed without some hard work. Efficient planning is key to ensuring this gateway is as stress-free as possible. So, keep our tips in mind and consider them the next time you prepare a snowbird vacation checklist.

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