When to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport

When to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport
Published on May 18, 2022

Using auto transport services is the most reliable and effective way to avoid all the trouble of shipping a vehicle from one place to another; there is no need to waste time and energy driving the car personally. In addition, the carrier will not expose the vehicle to any risk that might emerge from driving it for long distances. Auto transport companies take care of the shipping process from A to Z.

The first step is choosing a suitable shipping method. Auto transport businesses offer two main types of services: open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. Choosing the carrier type is not easy; each method has its features and suits specific conditions. With that in mind, it is important to know which service to book depending on the various circumstances.

Open Auto Transport and Enclosed Auto Transport

Knowing the critical difference between the two transporting methods is necessary before deciding when to use one of them.

Open Auto Transport

It is more affordable, easier to arrange, and economical, but it doesn’t provide complete protection for shipped vehicles. Moving the car on an open trailer makes it vulnerable to external factors such as dust and weather conditions.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This type of service ensures safety by providing additional protection; enclosed trailers mean 360 degrees of security, giving car owners the peace of mind they want for the right price.

Below we review the essential cases when it’s advisable to use enclosed auto transport:

When Shipping a Collectible Car

The owners of these vehicles consider their cars a vital investment; they spend a considerable amount of time and money to keep their unique cars in the best shape possible. Thus, they refrain from using open trailers that allow external factors to affect the cars. 

Enclosed auto transport –without a doubt- is the best way to expensive classic car transport as they require high levels of protection and security. It is worth mentioning that it comes along with better insurance coverage. 

If there is a need to ship the car in bad weather

There are some transportation factors that auto transport companies can’t control. The weather condition is one of them. Car owners may have to move their precious vehicles on rainy or snowy days, and therefore, their cars may get dirty. 

In addition, the transport operation may take a few days. Enclosed auto transport will ease everyone’s life; it provides complete protection against external elements that may cause some unpleasant grime to be stuck on the car’s surface.

When shipping an expensive brand new car

It is reasonable to book an auto transport service instead of driving your expensive vehicle because driving for long distances will cause some damage to the car wheels, and it will add a lot of additional miles to its mileage.

When it comes to a high-end luxury model vehicle, enclosed auto transport should be seriously considered the only available option to ensure the car is completely protected inside the enclosed carrier from dirt and other natural elements that can cause harm to it.

If the vehicle is newly painted

Undoubtedly, getting the car a proper paint job can cost a lot of money; however, it is well known that freshly painted vehicles require special care to prevent ruining them.

It is not recommended to expose the newly painted car to harsh conditions shortly after the work is done; it should be kept in the garage for about 60 days before driving it since tree sap, acid rain, and many other things can ruin the paintwork. Furthermore, temperature changes can also affect it from relatively hot afternoons to cool evenings.

Transporting the car for long distances means it has to be on the roads for a few days; therefore, going with enclosed auto transport is the best choice to avoid repainting the car or getting the painting money wasted in a blink of an eye.

If the vehicle has a low ground clearance

Ground clearance is the distance between the ground and the lowest point on the car’s underbody. The shorter the length, the better stability the vehicle has. However, low-ride-height vehicles have the risk of constantly hitting their underside.

Supposed that a low ground clearance car is being transported using an open trailer, then if the driver exceeds a high and wide speed bump, the vehicle will be affected the same way as if they have driven it on the roads. Hence, open auto transport is not even a choice when talking about this type of car.

The only method to move a low-ride-height vehicle is enclosed auto transport since enclosed trailers are equipped with special tools to lift cars onto the carrier where they will be safe for the whole journey.

Read more about Open vs Enclosed Auto Transport.


All car owners want to guarantee the safety of their vehicles. So, it is essential to learn how to choose a suitable car shipping company. Enclosed auto transport is the correct choice to move classic and expensive cars; it is also the only option for newly painted and low ground clearance vehicles.

Tempus Logix offers a comprehensive set of services using enclosed auto transport carriers. The company provides all kinds of transportation and has a professional team to follow up with every detail.

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