How Safe is It to Ship a Car on an Open Trailer?

How Safe is It to Ship a Car on an Open Trailer?
Published on September 16, 2022

Since most people have limited and humble knowledge about the ins and outs of the world of car shipping, they will face many problems and confusion when deciding to ship their vehicle. The auto transport industry is wide, and many things clients must know before requesting an auto shipping quote. But here, we will introduce you to one of the most popular shipping methods, the open trailer.

So, forget everything you’ve previously heard about this shipping method because we’ll introduce a new perspective of shipping a car on an open trailer. This article will demonstrate everything you must know about the process.

What is Open Car Shipping?

The open carrier is the most popular and affordable means to transport vehicles from point A to point B. This kind of trailer has no roof or walls, fits between 8 and 10 cars at once, and can transport vehicles in multiple pickups and delivery intervals.

But, because an open trailer is inexpensive, most people consider it dangerous; however, that’s not exactly right. The open trailer could be a safe, fast, and cost-effective option in many cases. 

Whenever shipping a car on an open trailer, the shipped vehicles are secured using advanced equipment, keeping them from moving or shaking during the shipment. 

Facts Prove Open Trailer Transport is Safe

Your car is secure

Unlike what most people believe, cars are completely secured and protected on an open trailer. The open trailer’s structure is designed to hold vehicles of sizes and models safely and securely. Drivers use special chains and immobilizing mechanisms to secure cars on the trailer and ensure they don’t move or deflect.  

Insurance covers any damage

If for some reason your car gets damaged on the way, the open transport company’s insurance will cover the repair work cost. The chances of damage are small, but it could happen.

So, when you decide to ship your car on an open trailer, remember to take pictures and videos of your car from many angles. By that, you will document your car’s pre-shipping status and can prove any recent damages, hollows, or dents during shipment. As a result, you can claim insurance coverage!

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How Can I Keep My Car Safe During Open Transport Shipping?

Find a reliable auto transport company.

Finding the best car shipping company will be tricky with many online options. However, there are many ways you can spot a trustworthy auto shipping company; for example, you can check past clients’ reviews on the company’s website. 

Many positive reviews and positive feedbacks are good signs, but you must also look for any negative comments and notice how the company deals with them. Do they provide an explanation, compensation, or apology? Or do they not care about clients’ reviews? This step will give a clear insight into the company’s reliability. 

Confirm that the company is registered 

Shipping a car from one state to another is a business, and it shouldn’t be going without approval from the government and the parties concerned. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) must license the auto transport company and give it a DOT number, allowing it to distribute its carriers and trucks around the states. 

So, before hiring any auto transport company, ask about their DOT number and ensure they’re registered by searching the number on the FMCSA website. 

Prepare your car for shipping

Your dear vehicle is about to undergo a long trip, so you must prepare it properly. As a first step, you must take out all your precious belonging, car accessories, and anything valuable that road thieves could steal. Remember, if any item was lost, you cannot sue the transport company or claim for coverage; it’s your responsibility.

This step is crucial when shipping a car on an open trailer because it will be exposed to everyone whenever the driver takes a driving break. Furthermore, you have to check for any fluid leaks and get them fixed by an experienced mechanic to avoid fluids covering your car and others on the trailer; if that happens, you will probably pay a fine. Auto-shipping is not only about your car’s safety but also the safety of other cars on the same trailer and the road.

You must also empty your fuel truck and leave ¼ of it only full. Charge your car’s battery and ensure it works properly, as drivers might need to move it from one place to another. And finally, prepare a set of keys to hand to the open carrier driver.

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The Bottom Line

Although utilizing open trailers for any transportation has some hazards, they also provide benefits over other modes of transportation. Tempus Logix offers different auto shipping services depending on your needs, including shipping a car on an open trailer; contact the company for a fast and easy quote based on the distance of your shipping and what kind of car you have.

You can also utilize the online car shipping quotation tool on Tempus Logix’s website. The AI-based tool is developed to provide an instant and accurate auto shipping cost estimation based on various factors you have to input.

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