When to Avoid Enclosed Auto Transport and Choose Another Option

When to Avoid Enclosed Auto Transport and Choose Another Option
Published on September 27, 2022 at 7:44 am GMT

Enclosed auto transport is the safest way to transport cars across states because an enclosed trailer contains the shipped vehicles in a large box, securing them from weather conditions, road debris, and dirt. However, an enclosed carrier shouldn’t always be your number one option every time you need to ship your car. 

Using an enclosed trailer could be safe and beneficial in many cases, yet there are times when you have to look for another option. Here’re the top instances when you need to overlook the enclosed car transport and look for an alternative.

1. If Your Budget is Tight 

It’s known that the enclosed trailer is one of the most expensive methods to transport vehicles, as it has a roof and four sides to shelter the shipped vehicle completely. The reasons behind that are:

  • It burns a lot of fuel
  • It doesn’t fit many cars
  • Driving it is challenging and needs a seasoned driver
  • Mostly it’s temperature controlled
  • it’s protected against theft and vandalism

So, if your budget is small and you can’t afford to hire an enclosed trailer, you should go for more affordable options, for example, the open trailer. Don’t worry; even though an open car transport method doesn’t have all the features mentioned above, it’s a completely safe option.

As a matter of fact, you can get the best out of the open trailer if the weather is stable and there’s no heavy snow or extreme sun. So, ensure you book your car’s trip when the weather is good, and your vehicle will arrive safely and without a scratch. 

2.  If the Transport Distance is Short

Shipping a car for short distances doesn’t require using an enclosed trailer or even hiring an auto shipping company. So, whenever you’re not in the mood for driving, or if your car isn’t working, and your destination is near, you can go for an RV tow dolly. 

A car tow is a two-wheeled trailer that carries a car’s front wheels and leaves the two rear wheels on the road.

You should hook the tow dolly to your car and the RV properly, and your car will arrive at its destination safely. If you don’t already have a tow dolly, you can rent one from any auto transport company.

3. If Your Time is Limited

Open auto transport is the most common transportation method, and open carriers occupy approximately 80% of most auto shipping companies’ fleets. So, the chances of finding an available enclosed trailer to pick up and deliver your vehicle at the required time are mostly minor, especially in the case of late orders and peak seasons.

Nevertheless, if you want to try your luck and look for an auto transport company to fulfill your car shipping order time-effectively, contact Tempus Logix and get a shipping quote. The company is always ready to meet clients’ orders and can find an available enclosed carrier to ship your car safely as soon as possible.

4. If You Own a Regular Car

Usually, an enclosed trailer is recommended if the shipped vehicle is a classic and collectible car because their replacement parts are rare. Moreover, there are few professional automotive mechanics who understand their ins and outs.

Luxurious and brand-new cars need hiring an enclosed carrier, as well. However, the open trailer will be a safe and fast option if you own a regular or old car. In the worst scenario, your car’s paint might get scratched, and your car will get dusty.

Read more about How to Transport Your Classic Car across the Country.

5. If the Weather is Nice

Severe weather conditions are among the top reasons that encourage people to book an enclosed auto transporter. The heavy rain might cause dents on the car’s body, extreme cold might result in a dead battery, and boiling weather might result in cracks in the car’s dashboard, seats, and steering wheels.

However, suppose the weather is nothing like the states mentioned earlier. In that case, there’s no need to hire an enclosed carrier, as the open carrier will move your vehicle from point A to point B without any weather-related issues.

6. If Your Car’s Clearance isn’t Low

Ground clearance refers to the length between the ground and the lower end of your car. This dimension dramatically affects the handling and performance of your vehicle; it also affects the transportation method you have to use.

Cars with ground clearance below 4 inches need special handling during transportation. So, auto transport companies usually ship these cars in enclosed carriers with a lift-gate. 

However, if your car’s clearance isn’t below 4 inches, there’s no need to book an enclosed trailer. You can either go for a tow dolly if the distance is short or an open trailer if the distance is far.  

The Bottom Line

The enclosed auto transport is a great option if you have a classic or luxurious car, and you should also consider it if your car’s ground clearance is low. You can also go for an open trailer in many circumstances, as it’s a safe and fast method to transport your vehicle wherever you want around the U.S.

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