Should You Sell or Ship Your Car When Moving to Another State?

Should You Sell or Ship Your Car When Moving to Another State?
Published on August 23, 2022

Moving to another state is a massive step and requires a lot of preparation and planning. You will need to empty your house, get rid of unnecessary items, hire a removal company to move the furniture, and a lot more.

But the most complex challenge you will face is the car decision. Your car is a beloved and personal belonging; deciding on it will be very difficult. Should you sell it or ship it to your new destination? To help you make a rational decision, we’ve stated the pros and cons of both options.

What is Your Vehicle’s Condition?

The first step before deciding to keep your car or sell it is to examine its current condition thoroughly. Seeking a professional help of an experienced mechanic would be helpful because they will give you a clear idea of the car’s state and advise you on the best procedure.

If your car has many issues and needs a lot of maintenance, some money in the pocket would be better than risking to fix it. In addition, sometimes maintenance work might take a long time, delaying your scheduled move date. You need to remember that the car’s value will be depreciated since you’ve been driving for a considerable time and will need a lot of repair work.

On the other hand, if your car is in a good state and fixing its current minor problems is affordable, maybe it should accompany you while moving to another state. That way, you won’t lose its value, and all you need to consider is the shipping costs which can be affordable if you choose the right car transport company.

Car Shipping Pros and Cons



Compared to selling your current car and purchasing a new one, shipping it with the help of an auto transport company is a very affordable option. You can save more by choosing the open carrier instead of the enclosed one. Furthermore, many shipping companies offer special discounts for relocators.


Being in a new state means that everything is new to you; restaurants, malls, markets, hospitals, and roadways. So, having your car with you there will help you get to know the place better by roaming the roads and highways whenever you feel like it.


Potential late delivery

Most auto transport companies schedule a specific time for the car’s delivery and promise to stick to it. But the truth is that some circumstances might result in delivery delays, such as weather, route changes, or poor planning. As a result, your car might arrive many days after you arrive in the state.

Lack of dependable auto transport companies

The auto transport field is very crowded. And unreliable companies are many. So, it will be hard to distinguish a suitable transport company from an untrustworthy one. You will need to conduct comprehensive research online, read reviews by previous clients, and meet with probable service providers until you can finally decide. It will be a very time-consuming process.

Read about How to Choose an Auto Transport Company.

Car Selling Pros and Cons


Upgrade your car

Purchasing a new car is more costly than shipping your old car. However, selling a car with mechanical problems is better than paying all the repair costs and shipping fees. You can use the money as a prepayment to get a new car that fits your current needs and preferences.

Peace of mind

Unlike many beliefs, shipping a car is not an easy task. You will need to find a dependable auto transport company, prepare your car for shipping, schedule a pickup, and track your car throughout the trip; It’s a lot of stress. On the other hand, selling your car will save you all that trouble and get peace of mind and some money in your pocket.


Huge budget

Even though the money you will get from selling your car might be good, it’s never enough to purchase a brand-new vehicle. Instead, you will need to set a huge budget for the new car, which will cost an arm and leg since you already spent a fortune renting the new home and hiring a removal company.

Finding a new car

One of the last things you will want to do when you arrive at your new home is going shopping for a new car. You already have a lot to handle, and this additional burden will be overwhelming. Finding an appropriate car that’s suitable for your budget and preferences will not be easy; it might take weeks or even months. So, you will spend all this time calling an Uber or taking a bus.

The bottom line

Deciding to ship or sell your car won’t be an easy call. But, by examining the advantages and disadvantages of both options and the car’s current state, you can make the most sensible call. The golden advice is to take your time, not rush things, and ensure that your budget can afford the options you will go for.

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