What to Ask Your Auto Transport Service Provider Before Signing the Contract

What to Ask Your Auto Transport Service Provider Before Signing the Contract
Published on February 4, 2023

Whether moving to a new city, trading cars across the states, or purchasing cars online, auto carriers need to relocate these vehicles from wherever they are to their intended destination. However, as long as car owners value their vehicles and care about their safety, they should be completely sure about the company’s reliability in the shipping process.

How is that possible? Here comes the power of asking questions, as they reveal everything you need to know about a specific auto shipping company and how it fits your needs and budget. Here are some of the most important questions to ask auto transport service providers before signing the contract.

Before asking the questions

The first piece of advice when considering asking some questions about the auto transport process is to note down everything you have in mind before contacting the company. Although a simple move, it hugely affects the conversation and helps organize thoughts without missing anything.

Questions to ask before signing the contract

The following lines present the most significant issues to ask about before making official arrangements with the company to ship your vehicle.

Licenses and registration

Obviously, the first thing to confirm about the auto shipping company that’ll move your vehicle is their business license and official registration. You must ask if the company is registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and approved by the FMCSA. After all, no one wants to risk their valuable asset by trusting it to an unlicensed company, unknowing what severe outcomes could result.

Besides ensuring the company’s reliability, another advantage is checking for the auto transport company’s credentials; the certificate number allows further review of safety records for optimized verification.

Insurance coverage

Another vital issue to address with your auto transport service provider is whether they offer adequate insurance in case of any possible harm affecting the shipped vehicles and what, in particular, their insurance covers.

Acknowledging the company’s insurance policies helps clients evaluate the sufficiency of the provided insurance. Sometimes, people prefer to buy additional insurance coverage to ensure safer transportation for their cherished vehicles.

Shipping costs, how costs are assessed, and free quotes

Reputable and credible auto transport companies would be open and transparent about the prices of their services. It is necessary to ask for a detailed checklist for the cost of everything entering the final bill to avoid paying for unexpected expenses the company should have addressed in advance. There is no harm in directly asking if there will be any hidden fees you will be asked to pay later.

Another important thing to acknowledge is how the auto transport company calculates the overall costs. After all, anyone has the right to know where they will spend their money. Generally, the final price is based on the vehicle model, the transporting distance, the time of shipment – shipping during peak time or when there is less demand – and the chosen services such as open or enclosed shipment, expedited delivery, and so on.

In most auto shipping companies, anyone can get an estimation of the shipping costs for free using their quote calculator on their website without imposing any obligatory deposit. Suppose an auto transport service provider asks for a specific amount of deposit to provide the shipping quote. In that case, it is advisable to avoid it since several auto shippers offer it free. You won’t be obliged to ship with that particular service provider if their offer is not affordable or worth the money.

Required Paperwork

Anyone intending to hire a specialized auto transport company to handle the shipment of their vehicles should check for the required documents necessary for the transporting process. These documents should be prepared prematurely, including photo identification, car registration papers, and proof of insurance. Other documents might be required depending on the destination or the nature of the shipment process.

If you are shipping your vehicle for the first time, it’s pretty normal to ask the auto shipping provider about the documents needed. Even those who’ve shipped their vehicles before might not be aware of specific documents some states require on the road to the final destination.

All advantages in one place

Tempus Logix offers all one looks for in an auto transport company. It is certificated and bonded with FMCSA and USDOT. Its professional team is available at any time and is fully ready to answer any inquiry related to the transporting process.

Moreover, Tempus Logix offers the highest level of transparency when it comes to pricing. Recently, the company implemented a cutting-edge AI-based auto shipping cost calculator on its website. The new tool enables getting free, instant, and accurate auto-shipping quotes based on a few inputs from online users.

Eventually, people who need to transport their vehicle should do their best to find the right auto shipping company to provide a perfect auto shipping experience. Remember to write down all your questions, so don’t forget to address any of them, and consider adding the provided questions in case they were not on your list.

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