Reasons Why You May Need Auto Transport Services for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Reasons Why You May Need Auto Transport Services for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Published on August 22, 2022

Heavy-duty vehicles are the construction industry workhorses, and every construction site has tons of these vehicles for various purposes like cement mixers, mobile cranes, tractors, refuse trucks, and others. With over 33,000 lbs (15,000 kg), these vehicles are not easy to transport from one site to another. Moreover, sites could be in different states with thousands of miles in between.

Heavy-duty vehicle transportation companies are automobile shipping professionals responsible for moving these vehicles from one location to another. They have the required equipment, experienced teams, and proper trailers to do the job efficiently.

This article will introduce the top reasons why owners may need to hire the services of heavy-duty vehicle transportation companies.

1. Hiring a Professional Saves Valuable Time and Effort

The first benefit of hiring a vehicle transportation company is the time and effort you would save. Moving a heavy-duty vehicle is not an easy process, and organizing things on your own requires a detailed plan. It includes choosing the transport method, setting a date to put the plan into action, coordinating with multiple people, contacting the driver, and doing the math for all the costs.

It also requires reviewing the local state regulations about moving such vehicles and checking insurance policies to cover the process. However, automobile transportation companies will plan everything for you in the best way possible. Just think how easy it would be for a company with over 30,000 delivered vehicles to ship one more vehicle for you.

What About Hiring a Shipping Trailer and Driver?

Instead of hiring the services of an auto transportation company, some people would consider arranging things on their own. They would search for a proper trailer and driver and put things straightforwardly.

Although the process sounds simple, there are many difficulties tied to it. Finding a good driver, a proper trailer, safety equipment, insurance policy, etc. Companies usually cover everything and provide a comprehensive set of services, from picking up the heavy-duty trailer to the final moments of delivery.

2. Driving a Heavy-Duty Vehicle is not Always an Option

Driving the vehicle to a new construction site is not always available. Sometimes the distance is close, and local regulations allow driving such vehicles on the roads. On the contrary, local traffic regulations in some states prevent driving heavy-duty vehicles on roads or highways. Therefore, the only option is to use a professional service to transport these vehicles to the new sites. Whether allowed or not, it’s time-consuming and not easy to drive such a vehicle for long distances. Transportation is always preferred.

3. Experts Know What They’re Doing and Have What It Takes

Automobile transportation companies have considerable experience in the field. They have the necessary equipment and well-trained professional teams to get the job done. You can ask for recommendations about what type of vehicle transportation method is best for your heavy-duty vehicle. Furthermore, they’ll offer to assist in preparing the vehicle before shipping to avoid any potential damage.

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These companies can estimate the full cost of the transportation process, including all other aspects besides shipping costs. Most drivers have been trained and undertaken additional driving courses to get the required skills to handle the truck trailer throughout the journey. Some websites offer an online free car shipping cost estimator utilizing a few basic inputs about the vehicle, like its weight, height, etc., to calculate the approximate shipping cost.

4. Dedicated Transportation Processes and Equipment

The transportation trailer is the most critical factor when it comes to shipping heavy-duty vehicles. These vehicles are significant in size, weight, height, and shape. For example, it’s not easy to ship a bulldozer using the same trailer that ships a small car.

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Automobile transportation companies own trucks and trailers of different sizes and capacities. No matter what heavy-duty vehicle you want to ship, you can always rely on these companies to find the best transportation method.

5. An Insurance Policy that Really Works

While it is pretty challenging to determine what option is suitable for your vehicle, finding an available trailer with a trustworthy driver is problematic. It is better to hand the whole process to a responsible company and rest assured everything is under control.

One of the most critical advantages of hiring an auto transport company is insurance. It usually covers damage if it occurs during the transportation process. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your vehicle’s safety because the transportation company covers it all.

Follow these steps to organize the insurance process with transportation companies:

  1. Check the vehicle’s condition before the shipment, and take as many photos and videos as possible to cover all the sides and current damages. It helps to verify the current status of the heavy-duty vehicle before transportation.
  2. Write down all the details and share the photos/videos and the written documentation with the shipping company.
  3. Companies will take responsibility for any damage to your vehicle after reaching its destination.

Tip: check the insurance policy and what circumstances and damages it covers. If you think it needs to be updated, contact the company and request some edits.


There are many factors to consider if you want to transport a heavy-duty vehicle so you can decide whether to transport it by yourself or hire an auto transport service. Shipping companies will help save your time and effort; they will reduce transportation costs, offer transport insurance and allow you to get the best professional advice.

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