Expert Advice on Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shipping

Expert Advice on Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shipping
Published on August 8, 2022

Auto transport companies fulfill many Harley Davidson motorcycle shipping requests daily. Some clients might be relocating to a new home in another state. Others are taking their motorcycles to and from rallies to enjoy the riding experience with motorcycle enthusiasts.

Whatever the shipping reason is, an auto transport service is the best choice to move a motorcycle from point A to B. In this article, we will help motorcycle owners by providing some excellent expert advice about Harley Davidson motorcycle shipping.

Choose the Best Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shipping Company

The first step to achieving a safe transportation process is choosing the most qualified shipping company capable of carrying out motorcycle transportation successfully. 

This step may sound easy, but the significant number of auto transport companies will surely make things extremely difficult for customers to make a confident choice. However, there are some important factors to consider while choosing a trustworthy carrier:

  • The company must be licensed by the Department of Transport and has an authorized MC number. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives this number to prove that the company is working under safety and insurance regulations. No one should deal with an illegal company and hand in their motorcycle without verifying the company’s legitimacy first.
  • An extensive experience in motorcycle shipping is another essential factor in evaluating the company’s efficiency. Bike owners can check whether the service provider has accomplished their previous motorcycle transportation orders successfully or if they are new to performing this type of shipping by looking for the company’s track record.
  • Good communication and customer service can’t be compromised when looking for a reliable shipping company. Customer reviews are a great indicator demonstrating the company’s interest in customer satisfaction and their way of dealing with unexpected accidents that may occur during shipping.     

Select the Suitable Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shipping Method

Auto transport companies offer two options to ship a motorcycle:

  • Open auto transport: this is an economical option that involves loading bikes on an open trailer with no sides; this means the trailer will not be able to protect the load against outdoor factors such as bad weather conditions and dust. Therefore, this method is preferred to ship bikes for short distances and during good weather seasons only.
  • Enclosed auto transport: enclosed box-like trailers are used in this transportation method to provide utmost protection from all road elements; this extra protection comes with a higher cost. It is advised to use this service when shipping unique luxury motorcycles if the bike owner has to send their precious motorbike in bad weather conditions and for long-distance travel. Read more about open vs enclosed car shipping.

Don’t Forget to Set the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shipping Cost

Motorcycle owners have to decide on the amount of cash they are willing to pay to get their bikes shipped in advance. Luckily, reliable auto transport companies offer a free motorcycle shipping calculator on their websites to estimate the shipping quote. This calculator can help customers get an approximate transport price to compare different quotes and service features easily.

The cost depends on several factors:

  • Shipping method: enclosed auto transport is more expensive since it provides complete protection. Most motorcycle owners choose this shipping type since open transport can be pretty harsh on bikes.
  • Time of the year: it’s well-known that the demand for shipping services increases at specific times, such as December and August. So, the cost will be higher than any other time. 
  • Advanced booking: if the bike owner is in a hurry to get their motorcycle transported, they have to prepare to pay extra costs for a fast shipping service.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shipping Preparations

Proper shipping preparation is the motorcycle owner’s responsibility; it helps prevent many risks during the transporting process. Some essential pieces of advice for preparing a motorcycle are: 

–  Remove all personal belongings and additional accessories

The auto transport company’s insurance doesn’t cover personal items lost or damaged. Additionally, the shipping process may take several days and even weeks; therefore, loose items will risk shaking and falling the whole time.

–  Check the fuel tank.

If the bike is going to be hauled across the states, the motorcycle’s tank has to be only one-quarter full. However, international shipping drains the tank completely; the same goes for all other fluids.

–  Check the tires

Tires play a significant role in motorcycle safety while in transit; the motorcycle owner should ensure the tires are slightly deflated to help absorb road effects and provide additional bike protection.

–  Inspect the motorcycle’s 

A motorcycle’s owner must inspect their bike by documenting its pre-shipping state and taking pictures from different angles. This step will help clients spot any new damage or scratch which might have happened during the shipment.

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There is much to learn about Harley Davidson motorcycle shipping. However, a trustworthy auto transport company and proper pre-shipping preparation can guarantee a trouble-free transporting process.

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