Auto Transport Guide: How to Transport a Sports Car in the U.S.?

Auto Transport Guide: How to Transport a Sports Car in the U.S.?
Published on February 20, 2023 at 9:15 am GMT

Cars are valuable possessions, especially when they are expensive and luxurious. Shipping a sports car across the states is difficult, as it requires finding a reputable auto transport company with the expertise to safely and properly handle the auto-hauling procedure.

It is completely justified to have concerns for the safety of sports cars while on the road, given how expensive their maintenance is. A sports car is a unique and hefty investment that requires special care and attention throughout the shipping journey. Therefore, it is critical to thoroughly research the auto shipping company before assigning them to move your sports car.

In this guide, we will discuss transporting sports vehicles in the U.S., covering the following topics:

  1. What makes sports cars so special?
  2. Hauling sports cars across the United States.
  3. Preparing sports cars for shipping, plus some useful tips.
  4. Shipping sports cars costs.
  5. What makes sports cars so special?

What makes sports cars so special?

Sports cars are a type of vehicle that people sometimes mistakenly confuse with race cars. However, although race cars are classified as sports cars, not all sports cars are designed for racing. Sports cars are mainly intended for energetic performance and high-precise handling rather than running errands, driving the kids around, or transporting luggage.

Sports cars are smaller in size and lighter in weight than other sedans or conventional vehicles, accommodating only two people being two-seaters, two-door, rear-wheel drive advanced vehicles. These luxurious cars enjoy high maneuverability due to their curb weight and aerodynamic efficiency.

What makes sports vehicles different from conventional ones is the superior handling and performance, as they have powerful engines and high-end technologies. They are also designed to fit only two seats to reduce their size and weight and achieve their desired acceleration and aesthetic purposes.

Designed with precision and care, sports cars are expensive, and repairs can be quite costly. This is why they need to be well taken care of.

Hauling sports cars across the United States

Several key principles to remember when considering shipping a sports car

Search for a reliable auto transport company

For people transporting their sports cars for the first time from one place to another, one should do in-depth research to separate reputable auto transport companies from scammers.

An auto transport company should be reliable, reputable, insured, and experienced. Tempus Logix is an auto transport company based in California that ships vehicles nationwide. The company has first-hand experience shipping various vehicles and high-quality hauling equipment and a wide network of carriers and professional drivers.

Tempus Logix is officially licensed and certified with the USDOT and FMCSA, which is a vital factor to consider before choosing an auto transport company. So far, the company has delivered more than 35,000 vehicles safely to their destinations and made the process easier for clients.

Take some time checking online reviews

One way to determine the authenticity of any car hauling company is to check their customers’ reviews. Reviews are priceless since customers usually tell the truth based on their experience, allowing others to get an idea about the quality of the company’s provided services.

If an auto transport company is highly rated and recommended by other customers, it is an encouraging sign to consider hiring it. However, if a company has negative reviews and ignores or handles them poorly, the shipping experience will likely be unpleasant. Therefore, check reviews and analyze how auto transport companies respond to choose the right company.

Tempus Logix has over 1000 online reviews from satisfied clients throughout the United States. Over the years, Tempus Logix has offered valuable auto shipping services and followed up with clients properly to ensure they get the best possible service.

Compare quotes

After finding two or three reliable auto transport companies, the next step is reaching out to them and requesting a shipping quote. It is worth mentioning that there is no one fixed price for transporting a sports vehicle since several factors must be taken into account to determine the final auto-shipping rate.

Reliable auto transport companies usually provide contact information on their websites to answer all inquiries. They also provide free auto shipping quote calculators to estimate the shipping price based on the client’s input.

 Recently, Tempus Logix implemented an advanced AI-based auto-shipping cost calculator on the company’s website. The cutting-edge calculator calculates the accurate shipping cost based on several factors, including the client’s input and other industry-related factors.

After using a company’s free quote calculator or directly contacting its customer agents, customers can get their shipping rates and compare them according to the services provided for each quote. Finally, they can choose the company that perfectly matches their needs and budget.


After researching multiple auto transport companies and comparing their shipping rates, customers can decide on the auto transport company they will book with.

However, there are a set of issues to consider when booking a sports car shipment. First, a sports car is a unique vehicle with unique models, features, and modifications. So, it is crucial to provide the person in charge of arranging the car shipping process with all the car’s details and specifications so they can find suitable carriers and other equipment needed to haul the car.

Some sports cars require special loading and unloading equipment depending on their current condition, whether they are operable or inoperable. In addition, some unique sports car models might not fit inside a standard carrier. Therefore, informing the haulers about the car’s condition and modifications in advance can prevent misunderstanding and unpredictable delays.

When arranging for a sports car hauling, it is also important to consider choosing a proper location for pick up and drop off. As mentioned earlier, sports cars are expensive and need to be handled carefully. So, steer away from residential streets and choose a place with plenty of space, like large commercial parking lots. Such locations are great for safer, faster, and easier car loading and unloading.

Finally, when it comes to choosing a method of shipment, there are two options: open or enclosed. A luxurious sports car better be loaded on an enclosed carrier. Though they are more expensive, enclosed carriers ensure that sports cars won’t be affected by any external factors during shipment. No debris or dust will damage the sports car as it is shielded inside the large walls of an enclosed truck. After all, such a big investment is worth paying the extra costs for premium services.

Preparing sports cars for shipping

For sports car owners who wish to transport their valuable vehicles across the states, here is a step-by-step guide to preparing the car for hauling:

Wash the sports car

Before having a sports car shipped, give it a good wash from the inside and outside. Cleaning a vehicle before handing it to the hauling company can help you detect any existing scratches or damage before and after shipment. Sports car owners can accurately compare their cars’ condition before and after shipping when it is cleaner.

Remove personal belongings

Personal items are not covered by insurance and won’t be included on the Bill of Lading. Hence, the auto shipping company won’t bear any responsibility if they are stolen or damaged. So, if the car contains any personal items, owners should remove them before shipping.

Moreover, sports cars are known to have special modifications or after-market accessories. If the shipped sports car has removable parts, detach them before handing them over. If they are undetachable, they could add to the size of the sports car. In this case, inform the transport company about these parts so they can properly arrange for their shipment.

Perform a maintenance check

Take the sports car to the mechanic to check whether it operates properly or has some problems. This will also help ensure the car’s condition before and after hauling. In addition, the mechanic will check for fluid leaks, brakes operability, and tire condition since tires should be adjusted according to the journey’s length.

Some useful tips

  1. Keep only a quarter of the fuel tank full so that no extra costs will be required for the extra weight.
  2. When loading the sports car into the carrier, keep it locked for additional safety.
  3. Make sure to switch off any alarm, so it won’t irritate the driver and drain the car’s battery.
  4. Ask the auto shipping company for a contract that includes detailed information about the quote, estimated delivery date, cancellation policies and fees, claims procedures, and insurance coverage.
  5. Take pictures of the sports car before shipping to document its condition, then compare them with the car’s condition after shipment.

Shipping sports cars costs

We have mentioned previously that several factors can determine the final shipping quote. Calculating the shipping rate for a sports car mainly depends on the vehicle’s model, size, and modifications. In addition to the distance of shipment, pick up and drop off locations, the vehicle’s condition, supply, and demand fluctuations, and the type of transportation.

Indeed, enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open auto transport for the added protection it provides and the additional insurance coverage. Other safety features come at premium costs, like choosing single enclosed car transportation where a luxurious car is exclusively transported in a special enclosed carrier.

The estimated costs for sports car shipments are around $500 but could reach $2000 or higher under certain conditions like inter-state shipping. Furthermore, upon choosing enclosed auto transport, the best choice for expensive sports cars, prices are expected to be $300 to $500 higher than open auto transport. Anyway, there is no way to determine the auto shipping cost for a sports car without knowing the exact shipping details and the car’s specifications.


A sports car is a fancy and pricy possession that needs to be handled delicately and skilfully. When transporting these types of special and unique vehicles, sports car owners should only trust skilled vehicle haulers with expertise in dealing with different vehicles.

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